Game of Thrones – “The House of Black and White” Review

Game of Thrones - "The House of Black and White"Arya’s journey has led her to Braavos. Right to the door of the House of Black and White being slammed in her face, rejected from her journey over the Narrow Sea with a brief encounter from a man inside. With nothing to her name and no where to go she spent much of her time just waiting outside and reciting her list. What else was there for her to do after so long in transit. Her waiting paid off as she was brought inside by the very man she was seeking in disguise. It’s only the beginning for her, but I can’t wait to see what her journey will be like as she learns from him.

It was rather interesting that Sansa and Littlefinger were to chance upon the same tavern that Brienne and Podrick were slumming in. Brienne is loyal, but she is a warrior with a harried path and neither Sansa or Littlefinger wanted anything to do with her, which led to a nasty little confrontation. I always relish an opportunity to watch Brienne fight as she is fierce. This time was no exception.

Game of Thrones - "The House of Black and White"Those in Dorne are not pleased with the unfolding that happened to Oberyn. The prince is holding Cersei’s eldest daughter captive as she is to marry him. However they are still sending threats to King’s Landing. This is pushing Cersei to be extra nasty and of course Jamie is on the receiving end.

Cersei is distracting herself from the constant difficulties she’s been facing by taking up the position of the hand. She is a ballsy lady walking into that room of men self assured, with no real position and forcing it upon the others in the King’s council. While, I often want Cersei to fail as she is a horrid person, I can’t help but admire the position that she puts herself into. Jamie is going to Dorne, but Cersei doesn’t see this as a help. I do like that Bronn has been brought back into the mix after his honest betrayal last season.

Game of Thrones - "The House of Black and White"Daenerys is a strong woman, self assured and confident. However she’s running into more and more troubles in her reign. The Son of the Harpy are a thorn in her reign and there’s no denying that they are taking a toll on her. That said, I’m growing tired of Daenerys’s constant looks of confusion. She repeatedly looks like she has no idea what she will do next. It’s a problem considering that she eventually wishes to move out from her current area. How is she to rule Westeros when she can be so uncertain? When a whisper in her ear can sway her opinion.

She wants so badly to stick to her beliefs, but she doesn’t believe in the delicate position she is in.she sees herself only as the ruler. As untouchable, but someone who can make a difference. Her decision to execute the man who ultimately did hat she hoped deep down to be done. Meereen will be thrown into chaos. Despite her decision, she was given some reassurance that not all was lost when her dragon came back briefly before flying off again.

Game of Thrones - "The House of Black and White"Out at the wall the are a number of things going on that stuck me as particularly interesting. The first was shorten not wasting any time teaching someone new to read, this time Gilly. However it is her mother that makes the situation interesting. Shireen sees Gilly as a good person. Her mother however sees the wildlings as scum. It should be an interesting power dynamic to see play out with the hatred of wildlings

After Jon laid out some very clear facts about how the free folk and e people of the north behave, Stannis presented an interesting proposition. An offer that is exceedingly tempting. Stannis is willing to make Jon Snow, Jon Stark lord of winter fell. Jon’s always wanted to be a stark. However, he doesn’t wish to leave the nights watch because he made a vow and if Jon is anything, it is honorable.

What did you think of the episode?

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    My opinions about this episode was intense. The last scene were some dude’s head getting chopped off like guillotine was on some karate movie shit. Great episode.

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