The Flash – “Who is Harrison Wells?” Review

The Flash - "Who is Harrison Wells?"While Cisco is taking this investigation into Wells with vigor, Caitlin is really struggling with accepting that Wells could possibly be capable of what they are telling her. This is causing quite a bit of strife between the group. However, it’s actually tearing them apart. Caitlin will not believe any of what is being told without proof. She’s really having a hard time accepting that Wells may have pulled her into one of the biggest orchestrated lie. For Barry to be right, that means Caitlin was intentionally destroyed.

In the mean time Barry and the cops are dealing with a metahuman that can shapeshift. This is more than just a little issue of not being able to easily track a person because you don’t know what they look like. The problem is that they don’t know if he could take Barry’s powers. I had a major issue with Barry’s behavior. He had just talked to Eddie about getting him out. Then he lets the guy get the jump on him, readily believing that it was actually Eddie. I also had a serious problem with Caitlin taking so long to realize that it wasn’t Barry. I understand the initial reaction, but I didn’t get it as it went on. Ultimately, Hannibal was able to shift into anyone that he wanted. When he was finally caught they got the proof they needed to get Eddie released. It was eerie seeing Hannibal shift into who he really was, but not able to actually remember what that is.

The Flash - "Who is Harrison Wells?"Joe and Cisco took a little trip out to Starling City, where they encountered Quentin Lance. Just as he is in Arrow, Quentin is equally as unpleasant. Laurel however was a pleasant little delight as she swept Cisco to the side to talk. It was a fun little moment as she revealed to him that she was the Black Canary. Granted, it was just so she could get Cisco to take a look at her sonic device. it was interesting how light Starling City felt when it wasn’t being handled on Arrow. There was also an interesting interaction between Joe and Quentin about lying to the ones you love. I also love that Cisco has a name for everything in both series.

Most importantly, Cisco and Joe came back with news. After finding a body, which we already know is the real Harrison Wells, is the kind of confirmation they needed. Well it was at least the information that Caitlin needed to finally believe. If there was any doubt in her mind that had to have been wiped away when they found Wells’ secret room with his future newspaper and Reverse Flash suit.

What did you think of the episode?

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