Agents of SHIELD – “Frenemy of My Enemy” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Frenemy of My Enemy"Fitz is out in the field for the first time since his accident last season. Not that he was in the field much, but this is pushing him father than he’s gone. No sooner than he’s out there is he forced to confront the very man that harmed him. Working with Ward under Coulson’s order can not be easy. You could tell it’d be harmful even from the quick glance. It was really interesting showing that between Mike and Agent 33. Mike is a great character and I like having him along on this ride. Coulson still needed to persuade Ward with his offer that if Ward helps him, he will wipe Ward’s memory in return.

Any appearance of Ward is particularly interesting. This episode was no different. Ward was just as manipulative and scheming as ever. There were tricks again and again. Ward used his manipulation to try to make sure that people played by his rules. That said, they still did need to work together to get to Skye when there was a detour. The detour was a very intense moment as all of our storylines converged for a moment in a very satisfying way.

Agents of SHIELD - "Frenemy of My Enemy"At the alternate SHIELD there’s a lot of betrayal going on. For one, Jemma had to come clean to May because they were starting to get suspicious about why Jemma wasn’t making any progress. Jemma thought she was doing the right thing, the safe thing, by informing only May. She ended up being just as betrayed the same, worse so in the sense that May threw Fitz under the bus to protect Jemma.

We’re dealing with some complicated, but ultimately mundane issues with Skye and Cal. Jaiying is going to send Cal back because he doesn’t belong. It’s a reasonable thought. However, Skye’s the only one to realize that it may be more of a disaster than a help. No matter what Skye says it isn’t changing her mom’s mind. I’ve got to admit I didn’t see that Skye would willingly tag along with her dad in order to keep him calm. It shows a lot of maturity on Skye’s part because she sees the potential danger that Cal can cause out on her own. Yet, she can see the potential pain that Cal is going through. As sweet as Cal can be when he’s in the right state of mind, once he’s angered he’s extremely dangerous. Even though he thought he was being abandoned, he was still going to fight for his daughter no matter what.

What did you think of the episode?

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