Gotham – “The Anvil OrThe Hammer” Review

Gotham - The Anvil Or The HammerThe Ogre decided to reveal his prior intentions to Barbara. It is strange how he just chats with these people. He thinks of them as people he loves. However they need to play by his rules. Barbara is no exception. Barbara is acting like a totally different person. While I’m glad that she’s not being portrayed as weak. It doesn’t fall in line with how her character has previously behaved. I remember rather distinctly that Barbara cowered like a scared child when she was in Zsasz’s clutches. Now she’s fluctating between fainting and fighting back.

All the while, Jim is actively seeking Barbara out. She was only dragged into this because of him and he feels the blame falls on him. That means he needs to kick things into overdrive. While we know that he’s more eager to find Barbara, I didn’t feel any more urgency with his pursuit. He did fail trail him down after the Ogre’s rather ill timed trip with Barbara. Either way, it made it so Jim and Harvey could find them. By then Barbara had suddenly seemed to be put under The Ogre’s spell. I don’t understand what caused that switch.

Gotham - The Anvil Or The HammerBruce is still diving deeper into Wayne Industries. As much as he’s been working to get more information from his business and isn’t getting very far. I am glad that he’s finally making active strides rather than jut talking about it. Bruce is still a kid though. He was caught nd discovered in his little break in attempt. What was interesting was that he did encounter the head of security who gave him the most cryptic clue ever. This no doubt will send Bruce down another spiral to learn about the corruption in his business.

I honestly haven’t cared for Penguin’s murder tirade over the past few episodes. it was literally episodes ago that we learned that Penguin intended to kill Maroni in that restaurant. However, we only just saw the attempt. It was a total intentional failure. Sure we didn’t learn that until later. I’m glad that Penguin had more up his sleeve. It felt like a return to what made him so great earlier in the season. The problem however was that the reveal didn’t feel like it carried as much weight as it should have. I should have been wowed, but instead I just felt like it was another moment, another beat before we moved on to more pressing matters.

What did you think of the episode?

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