Let’s Talk Game of Thrones and Spoilers

Game of Thrones is in its fifth season. However, it is corresponding with the fourth book. However, due to the structure of books four and five, I believe that the season is combining events from both books as they happen simultaneously in the timeline I wouldn’t be sure though because I haven’t read the books and that’s really what I want to talk about. Having not read the books I live a strange life of not wanting any spoilers.

There are hundreds if not thousands of book adaptations. Game of Thrones is far from the first. All that really means is that whenever there is an adaptation it is taking something that is already out there and putting it out there again in a different format. Unless a story is intentionally diverging from the source material. You know what happens.

That’s the main thing with adaptations you know what will happen. With Game of Thrones all the information for the first five books is out there. people know all the little details and all the things that have changed. It’s a lot of information and it’s a lot of things that can spoil me.

Now, I could easily read the books. In fact, I read the first hundred pages of the first book. Then I stopped. I stopped for a few reasons. The first was that the book was really dense. The second was hat I didn’t want to spoil myself for the show. I enjoy the show so much. It’s an event of sorts in my house. Everything stops, the lights go off, and it’s Game of Thrones time. So I’d rater that I don’t spoil the show. That means I will read the books after the show.

In the mean time I do everything in my power to avoid spoilers. If you’ve read the books, I probably won’t talk to you beyond the most basic feels that the show elicits. I have a few reasons for that. The biggest one being that often people who have read it will want to compare what happened on the show to the book. Since I do intend to read the books, I’m likely to zone out or become unresponsive. I still want to allow the books to surprise me. That can’t be done if I watch the show and then someone tells me all the nitty gritty details that the show missed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m terrible with spoilers. If I really want to know the outcome of something, I will look it up with no shame. But I’m almost always looking for a very specific answer, not a broad overture of what will happen. I like to keep things fresh.

And let’s be honest, it’s high time that I get to the books again. I could easily read books one through three and no worry myself over spoilers. I think I will do that, but that will certainly make the wait for the final books even more agonizing.

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