The Originals – “City Beneath The Sea” Review

The Originals - City Beneath The SeaIt rather quickly came out that Klaus was playing everyone for a fool before he was daggered. As the episode progressed more and more people learned of Klaus’s innocence. With each new reveal to more people it became clear that no one was really angry with Klaus. They did all admit that undaggering Klaus would be like letting out a rabid dog to exact his revenge and essentially e a wild card.

Not everyone was privy to the fact that Klaus didn’t actually kill Aidan. The main person being Josh who was still reeling in the death of his boyfriend. His sadness was felt, but I felt like we didn’t get much time to really let him dwell in that sadness. He did at least get to go to the bayou for Aidan’s burial.

The witches were hard at work trying to get things sorted. There were a number of spells that they had to do with Davina leading the charge and Rebekah as support. Heck, even Vincent was chiming in to help them out if only to get them to stop coming to him. However, he also brought temptation to the table as he suggested that Davina take the role of leader of the covens that Josephine previously occupied.

All the while Klaus was taking a walking down memory lane with Dalia. It was her attempt to endear him to her. Despite how strong she was, she wanted an ally. We saw the things that Dalia took on and how she was slowly left behind by her sister. it was interesting, but it’s hard find Dalia truly sympathetic when she has done so many horrible things. What we did learn was that Dalia took in the firstborn because their firstborns were so powerful that they couldn’t control it. Suddenly Dalia didn’t become just an oppressor, but a mentor. That has suddenly made Dalia’s role in this mess more complicated. At least she did finally admit that she’d be taking some of Hope’s magic, channeling it for herself, but making Hope less of a danger.

Dalia’s proposition to Klaus paired with Hayley’s decision to leave the Mikaelson family forever just spelled out Hayley’s doom and a very unexpected pairing.

What did you think of the episode?

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