Agents of SHIELD – “The Dirty Half Dozen” Review

Agents of SHIELD - The Dirty Half DozenSkye is not feeling the Inhumans. They don’t wish to save their own. That means they are going to leave Lincoln to fend for himself. The worst part of it all is really that they aren’t even going to try to help them. Of all people Raina is the one encouraging the others and trying to convince them that Skye needs to go back. She saw Skye save Lincoln and she’s appreciative of what the inhumans have done for her. They are outsiders and they see things differently.

We also got more time with Cal and Jaiying. They made up. It’s surprising how different Cal behaves when he has either her or Skye around. it’s like he’s a completely different person. He’s friendly and fiercely loyal, but he’s not quite as scary. That should make him more terrifying. That said it was interesting seeing Jaiying admit that kicking Cal out as she did maybe wasn’t the best idea. That said, neither one of them seem to trust Raina. They see her as a dangerous outside force. And it’s clear by the way the people crowd around her and look to her that she may become a dangerous leader that reels against the morals that Jaiying and her people traditionally held.

Lincoln and Mike were paired up to try to get out of the base. It was a really interesting pair up. We haven’t seen much of either character. however, we have got to learn enough about each character to feel invested in this grouping. I was glad to see that they put their differences aside and agreed to work together as much as possible. If only SHIELD could work that well together. I wish we got to see more of the two of them together, but they were mostly playing the people to be saved.

Agents of SHIELD - The Dirty Half DozenCoulson is fully in SHIELD custody and speaking with Gonzalez. Coulson has things that Gonzalez wants and that is leading to a very tenuous relationship. Somehow he’s managed to build up confidence in enough of that other SHIELD team allowed him to lead his mission. However this ended up having a tactical team. We got the original team back together. It was really interesting seeing the group that once treated each other like a family that has long since been broken. We now see the aftermath with them all together. It was ironic that Ward was the one who acknowledged that they were once a good team and that was true.

I have to note that the action sequences once they got to the base in the arctic were really great. A lot of it came from sky, but they were really well choreographed and the result was some great fluid action. Those scenes were filled with lots of tension that made it really enjoyable. I was almost proud that Skye was able to use her ability to jog Lincoln to use his power and save himself.

Ward has come a long way. He definitely became a more interesting person as the show has progressed. However, I’m really enjoying the place his character is at now. He’s got a way to go before I can really trust him again, but he’s getting there.

Agents of SHIELD - The Dirty Half DozenAs a separate aside I just wanted to mention that there were numerous mentions that alluded to Age of Ultron. There were many references to Strucker. However we also got hints that the experimentation going on with Lincoln and Mike are the same that the twins went through. Only the twins were the only ones to survive. Coulson also threw down some info that Fury is still alive and that he’s working with Maria Hill. Raina also saw the infinity gem, particularly Loki’s scepter. We also learned that the theta protocol that we kept hearing about was the Avengers. And finally Raina got a glimpse of Ultron’s army ravaging the world as we know it.

What did you think of the episode?

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