Helix Canceled After Season 2

Helix will not be coming back for a third season on Syfy. It was just announced and honestly the news does not shock me. While I haven’t been following the ratings for Helix this second season it apparently suffered a ratings drop of more than half what it did last season. Now you have to expect shows to drop in their subsequent seasons. However half the ratings is not an acceptable drop for pretty much any show. It’s rather curious as to why they didn’t just cancel the show earlier, say after the finale premiered.

The real question I want to examine is why Helix had such an intense drop in ratings and why it didn’t grab its audience. They made it warmer. They kept it weird. There was still science. The immortals were back. There was still a team trying to cure a disease and prevent a deadly outbreak.

The problem was actually that it wasn’t the same show as it was before. It became a show that fit well on Syfy, but lost the original appeal. Horror. Yes, the first season had it’s faults. There is no denying that tension waxed and waned like the Karate Kid in training. However, the show relished in horror. It was beautiful. It had jumps and scares. Not all worked, but it tried.

This second season we didn’t get any of that. Things were weird. Things got unsettling at times. And there were certainly some awful people to contend with, but any real attempt of horror wasn’t there. That is unless they made some veiled attempts that I didn’t really realize. Helix wasn’t the same show. It lost it’s charm. It was unfortunate, but it happens. The result is we won’t be seeing more of Helix. I just wish I would be a bit more upset over it.

Will you miss Helix?

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