Gotham – “All Happy Families Are Alike” (Season Finale) Review

Gotham - "All Happy Families Are Alike" Season FInaleIts all out war in Gotham. Maroni vs Falcone. The problem is that within minutes of the episode starting Falcone was in the hospital after nearly dying. He should have been dead, but he’s a tough man who survived. Penguin had other plans. We already knew that he intended to start this war to wipe both men out. Jim is right about one thing, when Falcone was in charge things were smooth. In the short time since Maroni semi-controlled things everything went nutty.

Fish’s reappearance didn’t make much sense. We knew that she blew out of that island. Her return to Gotham wasn’t very shocking. She was after all very into being in charge. Fish wants power. So her rolling in right at the tail end of this war isn’t surprising. Neither is her making a deal with Maroni. What doesn’t make sense is we just see this all happen. It is so far out of left field that it feels out of place. Add in the fact that she’s come back with this edgy new look. Then there is Cat all of a sudden taken under her wing. Fish however is not out to be second to Maroni. I saw the shot to the head he received from her, I’m just surprised she waited so long to do it after all of his condescending talk.

Gotham - "All Happy Families Are Alike" Season FInaleBarbara is currently a basket case. She’s claiming that she’s okay, but you can tell from the zoned out look in her eyes. She insists that if she’s going to get trauma counseling it has to be with Leslie. The fact that she’s only barely qualified and isn’t the ideal person is irrelevant to her. She feels comfortable with the woman her ex-fiance is dating. It is ridiculous. Barbara has been fried by her experience. While these were the kind of scenes that helped explore Barbara’s condition, it took away from the real conflict that we were facing in this episode. There was a huge gang war shift of power that has been at play all season that was coming to a head and we were spending time with Barbara. She has become a muderess and admitted it. I jut wish this character development wasn’t lumped in with the big mob stuff.

The all out battle that ensued felt a bit rushed, chaotic, and unclear. The brawl between Fish and Penquin was another story. And like any good Penguin he got his prey. Fish went over the wall into the water. If she survived the fall I’d be surprised. (I seriously doubt it considering that Jada Pinkett-Smith has mentioned she only signed for one season and was done). Either way we now know who is on top with Falcone willing to step down and Maroni dead.

Gotham - "All Happy Families Are Alike" Season FInaleBruce hasn’t stopped his prying. He tore apart his study looking for answers. Finally the clues that he received led him to look up Marcus Aurelius. In the copy of his father’s book was a remote that not only started playing music, but also opened a door to a caved from the room. A cave which screams Batcave.

Nygma’s break down at the end of the episode felt a bit over the top. It also felt very Psycho to me. It was an interesting little touch, but honestly I’m not sure if we really needed that in a busy episode?

What did you think of the season finale?

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