Agents of SHIELD – “Scars” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Scars"Lincoln may be alive, but he’s certainly not happy that Skye saved him. He’s convinced that SHIELD will now do everything in their power to find Afterlife. While I believe and agree with Lincoln’s dear. I don’t believe that saving him made any difference in that. SHIELD already knew that Raina was taken. They knew that Skye was taken somewhere. They were in just the same precarious hunt down position as

The inhuman word is officially out there. Skye said it out right. It is clear that already she is associating herself closely with the inhumans. Rather than saying they, she is saying we. She sees herself as one of them especially as she’s being questioned by the people she once trusted. This is putting Skye in an awkward position as she has to be an

Agents of SHIELD - "Scars"Through all of this Raina is using her new ability of telling the future and weaseling her way into a place of power. She’s inscrutable as she uses their fear to put herself into position. This is what she wants power, just as Cal said. Ca;’s little story of Raina was actually interesting and fitting of Raina. Now that she’s accepted her place within the inhumans, she’s taking what she can. She will keep taking until she can’t any ore. In this case it’s putting herself into a position where Jaiying is no longer in power, but she is.

The SHIELD powers that be have established a new order. Coulson is still acting as Director, but under the supervision of Gonzalez and the council. Mack is having none of that because he doesn’t trust Coulson’s alien blood. May is also not really quite so trusting of Coulson either. They took the power from Coulson and had Gonzalez go to the meeting. What I didn’t see coming was Jaiying perpetuating a false attack because Gonzalez attempted to liken their scars. She killed Gonzalez in cold blood. She’s starting a war because she sees SHIELD as a threat. However, once this went down you had to question Raina benevolence. Was she speaking the truth. Would she have really helped prevent the bloodshed that Jaiying spurred. I’m inclined to believe that now, but we can never be certain.

Amid all the chaos was Agent 33 throwing down her own dupe with Ward as ground support. Her fight with Bobbi in the quinjet was a bit ridiculous, but it was more shocking to see Ward on the ground ready to ice Bobbi. Whatever happened between Bobbi and Agent 33 is putting her in a bad spot now.

I have to admit I was glad that there were a number of connections to Age of Ultron. There were references and allusions and even moments in which they directly spelled out the events.

What did you think of the episode?

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