Set and Cast Photos

There’s a lot going on with early cast photos recently. Early cast photos are a way to get people excited. The general movie going audience usually doesn’t know anything about the movies before they are out. That means the early cast photos only matter to fans. Yet, they are still used to drum up interest. Not from the public, but from fans who are eager to catch any glimpse they possibly can of the movie they are so desperate to see.

All a movie is really looking for is to create more buzz. Whether it is bad or good doesn’t matter as much. Though good buzz is definitely better as it builds positive excitement. All that is really needed is people talking about the movie. It means that there is interest one way or the other. Interest means that they can find a way to spin the buzz to get people excited. They can get people talking more. More talking often translates to more people watching the movie. The real problem is if no one is talking about the movie. If that is the case they are fighting an up hill battle.

Cast photos and set photos are an easy way to test the waters and see how the buzz is going. It’s really easy to drum up that excitement. And as much as people like to think that they’ve snapped something super secret and are now sharing with the world they aren’t. These big movies have a lot of people. While bits about a script might be a legit find from someone a bit too loose lipped. A photo is not. This is because in order to get a photo you need to be able to get close enough. I’ve seen movies filmed in the city and getting near isn’t an issue, but getting a clear view of the cast is much harder unless you’ve managed to talk to someone that can get you closer. Regardless, a set photo is often just an acceptable loss. If the filmmakers were so eager to conceal a look, they could. It’s been done. It will be done again. If you see something, it’s because they are willing to let you see it.

Recently there have been a number of cast and set photos dribbling out for some of the most anticipated movies of the next year or so. I’ve had some thoughts on some of these early photos.

Suicide Squad

The Joker
I actually am one of the few that like Joker’s look. No, I’m not in love with it. Some of the tattoos are a bit much. However, the general look works for me. He comes off as a scary guy. As amazing as Heath Ledger’s Joker was, I never would have been afraid to be in a room with him just based off his look. That was something about Joker that scared me from the comics and animated show. He looked like the kind of guy I would shit my pants if I got to close to him. This Joker does that even if he is a bit over the top.


There have been a number of Deadshot photos floating about. I kind of like the look. However, his street clothes don’t look like they belong in this era.

The Team
The majority of the team looks pretty good. El Diablo and Killer Croc look like monsters out of a Resident Evil game. Enchantress looks dirty. Harley does not look like Harley to me which is upsetting since Harley has been one of my favorite DC characters since I was a kid. I’m also really not a fan of seeing my 3 female characters hanging off Rick Flagg.

X-Men Apocalypse

Jubilee and Jean Grey
I’m not a big fan of their character, but their costumes certainly look fun and very 80s. I am definitely looking forward to seeing it on screen. Add in that it seems like they are going to have fun in at least part of the movie.

He’s back. Sure the continuity might be confusing. It works however and it is definitely giving me a vibe that reminds me of the fun Nightcrawler I’m used to.

How do you like the set photos?

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