The Flash – “Grodd Lives” Review

The Flash - "Grodd Lives"It’s been days and Eddie is still missing. As far as Barry is concerned The Flash is doing everything he possibly can to find Eddie. Iris though is upset that Barry is still lying to her. She tested him, he failed so she called him on his shit. Iris wasn’t to pleased with her father and with good reason. She was angry and blamed Eddie’s disappearance on her father. Being the take action, person that Iris is, she immediately started trying to help the team despite being angry.

I’m so glad that they dealt with Iris learning about Barry. They didn’t draw it out. They faced it head on. She knew and she was trying to help from the jump. There is a lot of baggage for them to deal with Iris learning to trust Barry again. Iris being angry with her father. Iris reconciling with the fact that she was being sidelined to protect her when she wasn’t given the opportunity to protect herself. I’m glad she didn’t just roll over. I’m also glad that she didn’t just openly accept Barry and his lies, but she did let him back in. Watching their journey together now that they are dealing with the reality of Barry’s position will be interesting.

The Flash - "Grodd Lives"In the mean time, they are dealing with a potential meta human who was able to inflict a sort of mind control. However the man that Joe and Barry eventually caught was General Eiling. It was a blanked out totally deadheaded General Eiling. Turns out that according to ARGUS Eiling had been MIA for months. Once Eiling finally started taking we learned that it wasn’t really Eiling we were talking to, but Grodd. We learned that Grodd may have been effected by the particle accelerator explosion. Grodd is controlling Eiling.

Grodd’s mind control was truly formidable. He managed to get to Barry enough that he essentially got Barry to knock himself out. Then when they were worrying about a knocked out Barry, he snatched Joe. The same telepathic power he used against Barry was used against Joe to turn his gun on him. Barry was on a mission to get Joe safe. It was clear however that Grodd is one hell of a beast. While the anti-mind control headset worked for the time, he still fell susceptible to the control once it ceased working. It was Iris that got Barry to focus and save Joe from Grodd who Barry was no match for.

The Flash - "Grodd Lives"Wells is currently throwing down on Eddie. Well it’s not a literal thrown down, but a mental beat down as Wells repeatedly criticized Eddie and his lack of accomplishment. not even that he flaunted that Eddie didn’t even marry Iris. He seemed to do everything he possibly could to break down Eddie and get him angry. He wanted to do this as quickly as possible to use Eddie. To have Grodd stall all so he could potentially go home.

Damn that preview for next week’s episode spoiling Arrow.

What did you think of the episode?

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