Arrow – “This Is Your Sword” Review

Arrow - "This Is Your Sword"The team is still definitely getting into the grove of being the ones leading the team. They are fighting for Starling City. One of the things that I’m really glad about is how much Laurel has improved over the season. She went from a haphazard vigilante to someone who can actually old her own. I’m glad she finally has the canary cry working as it has a cool effect on her opponents

Through all of this Felicity is the only one who still believes that they Oliver she loved is still in there somewhere. She was right. Oliver was playing a role and playing it well. He was working with Malcolm to try to dismantle the League fro within. However Oliver and Malcolm’s plan centered on the idea that they could stop Ra’s and end the league. They just didn’t plan for the ascension to happen so fast and their tactics needed to change. That meant Malcolm had to find a way to convince Oliver’s friends that this ruse was actually real and he hadn’t forgotten who he was. Malcolm brought Tatsu into the fold to accomplish this goal. Bringing and unknown woman to convince a group of skeptics wasn’t the best plan, but it was the only plan. Either they were in or out.

Arrow - "This Is Your Sword"What didn’t make much sense to me was that Felicity was the only one not willing to get on board with their mission. As far as Diggle and laurel were concerned, whether Oliver was playing a ruse or not didn’t matter. They weren’t about to stand around when such a dangerous bioweapon even had the potential of harming their city. They were going to fight with everything they had to save Starling City and that made sense.

I’ve loved Rila Fukushima since I first saw her in The Wolverine. This season she’s made me like her even more. Being at Nanda Parbat she had to face her husband. It was a very good fight to watch and Tatsu came up on top being forced to kill her husband and release him the binds he found himself in. It was a tough moment, but something that effectively came full circle.

The team fought valiantly. However, they were fighting at the league’s headquarters. They were vastly outnumbered and they played into Ra’s trick. That resulted in them locked up. Worse off, Felicity found out about Oliver’s impending wedding. They were betrayed. They were duped. And then to spit their trust back in their face they were trapped in the dungeon cell with the very same disease that killed Akio. yet, you know that it couldn’t be the end. That was almost the entire supporting cast in that room with an incurable disease.

Arrow - "This Is Your Sword"The sly move that Ray pulled on Felcity was a doozy. He used her distracted temperament to get Felicity to sign transfer of ownership papers of Palmer Industries.

The entire Thea storyline felt unnecessary. Well, maybe that is a bit extreme. We did need to see the mantle passed from Roy to Thea. Thea will take up Roy’s former place. Rather than being Arsenal, she’ll be Speedy. We’ve already seen her step up to the task.

What did you think of the episode?

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