Game of Thrones – “Kill The Boy” Review

Game of Thrones - "Kill The Boy"I’m glad they didn’t delay the aftermath of what was happening in Meereen. Ser Barristan died fighting against the Sons of the Harpy and deserved to be acknowledged. Missandei was tending to a near dead Grey Worm with the care of only one who loves another could. Their dynamic is something that I’ve come to enjoy. They don’t have many scenes but you can see how much they care for each other. Danearys does offer sympathy to those who rail against them. She made that clear a few episodes ago. Now was no different. She had the the heads of the families rounded into captivity. There she served up one of the most gruesome deaths on the show as she fed one of the family heads to her dragons. Her reign of an iron fist continues with a vegeance. That said she is easing up. She will marry Hizdahir zo Loraq and reopen the fighting pits to free men only.

Word of Danaerys’s exploits and troubles are making the rounds at least to the wall. Amon Targaryan is an interesting old man and his words of wisdom are well regarded. He thinks Jon should do what he thinks best for the night watch. That meant striking a deal with the wildlings. He wants to get the wildlings south of the wall to use the potential forces they. It is an unliked decision. A decision he can’t get people to get behind. He’s losing the little respect that he gained for a tactical move that may not pan out.

Game of Thrones - "Kill The Boy"Ramsey is vile. We got a tame reminder of that fact at first He so nonchalantly told Miranda that she would be tossed to the side. Miranda was nothing but jealous of Sansa so led her to her father’s kennel where Reek also known as a broken Theon was kept. Rather than thrill Sansa, she was rightfully enraged by his presence. Even Reek was uncomfortable as he had come to deeply regret his actions. It was painful as Reek was forced to apologize for killing her brothers when he hadn’t. To make the tensions worse Reek is to give Sansa away. Sansa’s look of satisfaction when it was announced that Ramsey’s position was in jeopardy should his father have a son. Even she has a distaste for Ramsey.

There’s a battle brewing. Between Stannis and rose there will be death in the North. Both men a moving to fight, knowing they can wait no longer. One must control the north. The ustin is who that will be. Considering Stannis rear through the world, he seems the likely winner with a superior force, though arose is a rat and may pull something devastating out of his sleeve.

Game of Thrones - "Kill The Boy"Just after Tyrion beheld the awe inspiring sight of a dragon they were attacked. We’d heard that those infected with greyscale were crazed. We just hadn’t seen it until now. These were stone people. They were dangerous and wild and nearly killed Tyrion. While Tyrion came away unscathed, Jorah already has the beginnings of greyscale forming. So not only will Tyrion be taking the rest of his journey on foot, he’ll be doing it with a man who has an extremely deadly and dangerous strain of greyscale.

What did you think o the episode?

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