The Originals – “Ashes to Ashes” (Season Finale) Review

The Originals - "Ashes to Ashes"As we learned last week Klaus was out to play Dahlia to save his child. That meant going to some extreme measures to protect Hope. He’s wronged a ot of people to get to what he wanted. Klaus bought them time by having Dahlia bind to him and then he willingly daggered himself. It didn’t last long and it became abundantly clear that Klaus had finally pushed Elijah away. He has always stood by his side. Which is why it seems hard to believe that this current string of events was finally what pushed him over the edge. I don’t buy it, but it seems that’s the truth. Elijah is willing to help, but he’s done. Elijah only stays because he loves Hayley who wants him to stay.

Esther was the only one who could stop Dahlia. The real mucky bit about it all was that Esther didn’t appear to do anything special to take down her sister. Esther distracted Dahlia allowing her children the chance to kill. Nothing special. It was rather anti-climatic considering all they had to go through to stop her. They managed it though.

Rebekah returned to her proper body thanks to Klaus’s crazy orders. He also gave them the opportunity they needed to end Dahlia. By the end of the episode she was granted the opportunity to jump between bodies. She can be either a witch or a vampire. This gives Rebekah’s character a lot of flexibility in her future.

The Originals - "Ashes to Ashes"Davina is still hellbent on bringing back Kol. She is very serious about it. I’m not entirely sure why though. We saw a brief romance steeped in lies. She is completely in love with Kol, but there is no real reason. She loves and idea. We never real got enough between them that she could so aggressively believe that Kol is any different than the rest of them. It also feels rather immature that she’s so obsessed with Kol. regardless she was tricked and now she’ll be hellbent on getting back at the Mikaelsons.

What did you think of the episode?

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