Agents of SHIELD – “SOS” Part 1 & Part 2 Season Finale Review

Agents of SHIELD - "S.O.S."Jaiying is playing everyone for a fool to start a war. What’s Skye supposed to believe? With all the hostility she’s seen from SHIELD and the appearance that they were directly attacked by Gonzalez, Skye of course would side with her injured family. This led to a confrontation between Skye and May which was enjoyable. Skye has become a force in herself, but May is still the master. The problem is the student has a special trick

We learned finally how Jaiying is able to have lived for so long. In order to heal she must sap the life from another. And based on the state of the poor guy she used, I can now see why so many people died in those towns in China after Jaiying was mutilated. If a back wound took killing one man. There is no doubt that coming back from the dead must have taken many more lives.

Bobbi’s situation wasn’t much better. She was locked up in Agent 33 and Ward’s custody. They claimed it was all about Agent 33 being tortured under Bobbi’s care. She was being punished for calls she made that hurt Agent 33. The problem is none of the tactics that Bobbi was using against them weren’t working. Bobbi just didn’t feel remorseful for what she had done to Cara. That was all that Agent 33 wanted.

Agents of SHIELD - "S.O.S."Ward had rigged the rescue attempt good. With a gun pointed at the door, rigged to shoot when it was opened it was a lose lose situation. Bobbi wasn’t going to let that happen and rocked herself in the way, getting mortally wounded to save Hunter. She managed to survive at least for now. I’m actually really surprised she survived at all, but at least they have Simmons working on Bobbi.

Raina actually served an interesting role. Her scene with Jaiying was moving. We knew that Jaiying was up to no good. Raina’s preaching only made Jaiying angrier. Raina claimed that she was there to reveal the truth even in the darkness. This only seemed to be a threat to Jaiying and Raina did just as she said she would. Jaiying’s murdering of Raina was in front of Skye. It was the reveal that needed to happen as Skye was able to now see the truth. Jaiying is a toxic force ready to start war. Raina did pass the most important message on to Skye before her death. Skye was the one meant to lead, not Jaiying. That’s not something Jaiying

Agents of SHIELD - "S.O.S."Cal’s role has always been terribly amusing. Cal is deranged, but more than anything in the world he loves his daughter. The real question that this episode posed was who he loved more, if it was Daisy or Jaiying. Coulson revealed forced Cal to realize and come to accept that Jaiying had been using him all along. It was something he struggled with to the point that he nearly died. The man that coded and was revived is someone dangerous. This was the first appearance of Mister Hyde. While he did get a little bit bigger, he wasn’t massive, but he was immensely powerful. All the drugs he’d been intentionally taking to becoming inhuman. Sure, he’s not inhuman now, but he definitely is someone who would need to be on the index. Even a round of icers couldn’t take him down. Coulson finally got through the Mister Hyde though when even Cal admitted that Jaiying no longer valued life.

The inhumans attack on the ship was a really interesting sequence. The Between Duncan, Lincoln, and the new inhuman who could split herself it was a fascinating siege. One that felt infinitely dangerous as they were going to expose everyone to the mass produced terrigen crystals that we saw last week. Jaiying doesn’t wait long to use the crystal on someone as motivation for the captured SHIELD agents to do as she said. She has every intention of bringing all the SHIELD agents together. She will kill anyone who gets in her way. SHIELD agents are just the first targets. Anyone in her way is a target and that included Skye. Cal had been right. She didn’t see the value of any human or anyone who wasn’t out to follow her rule. She drained Skye, willing to kill her own daughter. Jaiying would have killed her, but her dad stepped in. He wasn’t going to let his daughter die and that meant killing his wife.

Agents of SHIELD - "S.O.S."It was interesting that it was Mack the one person who went in and saved Skye. Out of all the characters on this show, Mack was the one who hated inhumans and everything that related to them. Skye however had proved to be against the inhumans since she was locked up and she had the skills necessary to hack SHIELD’s system and try to get the captives out alive. Mack was officially on terrigen crystal guard duty and the team up with Coulson and Fitz was enjoyable.

The aftermath of the whole disaster was a big deal. Bobbi was severely battered, still going through a lot of surgeries in a road to recovery. Mack is sticking around in charge of the artifacts even though he doesn’t trust anything related to it. Coulson is walking around with a sling because he lost a hand. He even had to let Skye drive Lola. May is checking out of SHIELD for a while to be a normal person. Cal is still going to be locked up for his prior crimes and the fact that he’s dangerous, but he has his daughter. They have a twisted relationship, but it is a relationship and Skye isn’t trying to lock him out anymore. It was a nice twist when we saw what really happened to Cal. They wiped his memory so he would be safe, but he didn’t remember his daughter. It was sad. SHIELD is developing a secret team of powered agents.

Agents of SHIELD - "S.O.S."Next season is going to be hazard zone as we saw the terrigen crystals seeped into the water, ingested by fish that were then harvested and turned into fish oil for the public to consume. That means there will be a lot of people dying or coming into powers in the near future.

The end of the episode with Simmons agreeing to go on a dinner date with Fitz was a long time coming. However, no sooner than she agreed, she was swept into the terrigen block. It reformed as though she’d never been there. I let out an audible gasp.

What did you think of the episode?

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