The Flash – “Rogue Air” Review

The Flash - "Rogue Air"Wells not only loosed an angry Peekaboo on the Flash team, likely as a distraction so he could escape. Let’s not forget that he needed to get out but it turned out that Eddie was in the facility the entire time. Either way, Eddie is now safe and the Reverse Flash is out there. Eddie is back, but his experience with Wells has seriously destroyed him. He’s a shell of the man he once was. Worst of he let Wells get in his head. The idea of proposing to Iris is gone. Heck, the way he shuffles around work suggests that he hardly even believes that

I’m glad that we finally acknowledged that keeping the metahumans in the building was a dangerous plan. One also not fully thought out. Now that their safety is in jeopardy. The metahumans need to be moved. That means they need to clear a route out of Central City so they can get them to ARGUS. They need to move the meta-humans and the only real option is Lianyu. The metahumans were never supposed to be there forever. Now they aren’t. I feel like I was just recently having this conversation. I didn’t realize that five of them had survived.

The Flash - "Rogue Air"Things really got interesting when Joe’s police contact failed to give the necessary support. Barry turned to Leonard Snart. I’ve gt to mention that the security at STAR Labs is abysmal. Snart is willing to help, provided that Barry scrubs Snart’s criminal record, something Barry can do. He does it. Thus this team up involves support from his sister Lisa aka Golden Glider. The dynamic they added to the group was hilarious.

When Cisco’s damper failed to keep the metahuman’s powers in check it was an all out fight. It wasn’t surprising though that Captain Cold and Golden Glider turned on them. One of the things that I like about Captain Cold is that he’s very self aware, very intelligent, and doesn’t pretend to be anything that he’s not. He broke out the majority of the metahumans simply because that would mean they would owe him a favor. The man is smart. I will admit that while I’m pleased with the turn of events, I won’t pretend that I’m not a bit disappointed that they didn’t actually help. By playing into what we expect, he remains entertaining, but doesn’t add much depth to his character. If he had in fact, helped, it would have posed a more difficult decision for Barry when they inevitably encounter each other again.

The Flash - "Rogue Air"The final stand off as Wells confronted Barry made my emotions swell up way to much. Seeing Firestorm was a great moment. However, there was something about seeing Oliver come in with his Al Sah-him gear. Add in the bit where he used Ray’s tech and I gelt like it was awesome. It was a great bit of final moments. That final fight scene was possibly one of the best this show had to offer. it was truly great and I only wish that he had the chance to go on longer.

What did you think of the episode?

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