Arrow – “My Name is Oliver Queen” Season Finale Review

Arrow - "My Name is Oliver Queen"The Arrow team has always had a string of problems. Serious problems with judgement and and team ups. Now they are suffering from severe trust issues. Diggle and Felicity are in a place where they can’t believe in Oliver after all of his extreme lies. On the plus side, they have a high stakes goal that even they are able to put aside their mistrust long enough to help save their city.

Everyone had their own special task. That mean Laurel was the one who was responsible to get the police on board. This forced Laurel to confront her father. Quentin was still hitting the bottle hard. How Laurel was able to tell so quickly I must assume that he either stank of alcohol or she also has special alcoholic super powers. Either way I’m glad that she called her father on his crap. He’s playing with an illusion.

Arrow - "My Name is Oliver Queen"Despite the trust issues, Felicity is still completely in love with Oliver. That meant that despite her anger, she was more frustrated than anything. They love each other though the show doesn’t want to let them actually enjoy that fact for even one episode. I wish that they would. That said considering what we do get to see is another great moment between them. It was also another wonderful moment to see Oliver saved at the last minute and it turning out to be Felicity. It was one of those moments where you wonder about the logistics of Felicity figuring out the suit so fast, but at the moment Oliver was saved from surefire death you just feel a high.

I was really glad to see Thea turn up already. I had started to think that she may have stayed out of Starling City. it was good to see her aid Oliver. I have to commend her for making the alterations to Roy’s old suit. She’s officially Speedy.

Arrow - "My Name is Oliver Queen"To save the city, Oliver had to keep his team on the task of stopping the disease from spreading. Oliver himself had to take on Ra’s. It was a battle and to no real surprise, Oliver finally won. He fought nobly, but the fight didn’t have the climactic epic feel that his earlier battle from midseason. The rest of the team was busy making sure that the league assassins didn’t spill their blood and infect the city. That’s where they came in handy. It was a lot for them to deal with, but I don’t feel like it was appropriately dealt with. Instead, it felt rushed.

The finale wrapped up a number of threads and opened others. After all these events and Oliver questioning their status, it isn’t surprising that Oliver is hanging up the hood. He no longer wants to be the Arrow. He’s going off o be with Felicity. Then there is Malcolm who is now the head of the demon. Malcolm in charge of the League of Assassins, Malcolm as Ra’s sounds dangerous.

What did you think of the episode?

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