Game of Thrones – “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Review

Game of Thrones - "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"Arya may be in training, but she is not complacent with being left in the dark only being forced to clean bodies. For her this is no longer a test of a physical strength and cunning. It is now about how she can hold up. How she can tolerate the mental torment. She is fed lies and forced to face her truths. However, there are things that she is struggling with that is keeping her from being truthful with herself. Everything that has been happening to a Arya was one giant mind game. The hall of faces was both eerie and captivating as Arya strolled through the halls. It was a place that showed her possibilities.

Jorah and Tyrion are finally getting to talking. Now that Jorah has a death sentence hanging over his head if wants his goals accomplished he needs to be able to trust Tyrion to a degree. Jorah got to really persuade Tyrion toward Daenerys’s cause. He could tell stories of wonders about Daenerys. While Jorah intended to give Tyrion up for death to Daenerys, Tyrion was gathering information. Their trek was halted though as some slavers spotted them. Tyrion saved himself with quick wit and logic and saved Jorah by bartering him up.

Game of Thrones - "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"Lady Olenna Tyrell is having none of Cersei’s bullshit. She knows that Cersei is pulling strings. While Cersei gives the appearance that she’s come off on top it’s very clear that her position is something in jeopardy. Cersei believes that she can continue to pull her games. Cersei’s game is personal at this point and she is going to make another enemy in the form of Lady Olenna. With Loras and Margaery now facing a trial, Cersei has them out of her way. I can’t wait to see Cersei’s vengeance be the downfall of her or worse, her son.

Littlefinger made his way to King’s Landing rather quickly. He was brought in to speak with Cersei. The tension between the two was palpable. They hate each other. They know each are playing a game. It almost made me scream how Littlefinger gave up information about Sansa. His words are so laced with self preservation as a manipulates others. At this point we know of most of Littlefinger’s lies. He plays Cersei like it was nothing as she blames Sansa for Joffrey’s death while we know it was Littlefinger.

Game of Thrones - "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"Over in Dorne we have the young Lannister girl, Marcella, falling in love with the Dorne prince, Tristan. It is a sweet  love. It actually feels truthful among all the lies and deceit in this show. It is odd and almost refreshing to see them together until there is conflict. Still in Dorne, we caught up with Bronn and Jaime as they made an attempt to rescue Marcella. It was made quickly clear that taking Marcella wouldn’t be easy as she doesn’t want to go. Not to mention that the sand snakes made their appearance complicating the escape before the Dorne army stopped the mess we were seeing.

Ramsey’s girl is such a vile girl. She just went on and on about Ramsey’s awfulness. I feel like she was trying to scare Sansa. She was trying to make Sansa weary about marrying Ramsey. However it was so delightful for Sansa to put her in her place. She called her on the crap. Sansa is no meek girl. She is brave and strong. She is ready to marry the tyrant that is Ramsey. She’s playing a role for the place which she called home.

Now let’s be very clear. Theon did awful things. Theon has betrayed the people who called him family. Theon was a war captive who wanted to be reunited with his real family. He was misguided, he did bad things, but he also was sorry. He has been through a lot when he could have escaped. He stood clear with his sorry and has been beaten. So when Sansa is so cold to Theon it hurts, yet is understandable. She doesn’t know everything that happened. She thinks her brothers dead because of him. It still hurts though. It was painful when he was forced to watch Sansa on her first night with Ramsey. He sees her as a sister and that was hard on him and one of the most emotionally draining scenes on the show to watch.

What did you think of the episode?

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