The Flash – “Fast Enough” Season Finale Review

Spoilers. You’ve been warned.

The Flash - "Fast Enough"Wells let out all of his truths to Barry. There was no reason of hiding it any more. Granted at this point we knew pretty much the entire story. Still there were a few final connections that Wells made clear.

I was both surprised and not that Joe said that Barry needed to go back in time and change the past. Joe has wanted to support Barry and even though it means losing Barry he’s willing to do that. It is a very big moment and I don’t think that they dealt with that enough. Joe is not Barry’s biological father, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been every bit of a father for Barry. This is a deep relationship and we didn’t get to see the real turmoil that a decision like this would mean. Joe would be losing a son. Joe would be losing something he loves. We got a lot of Barry’s perspective on this. This is his show and his opinion certainly matters. However this is something that would impact every single person in the world based on his decision. They did finally circle around to give them a bit of time to really confront their feelings which was something that desperately needed to happen. The problem was it didn’t feel like Barry and Joe’s normal relationship. They are usually pretty open and honest with each other so seeing them shirking away from that truth when they had a moment alone to delve into it didn’t feel in character. At least they sorted it out.

It isn’t until Barry talks to his dad in jail that he’s thrown some much needed truth. Him going back and saving his mom will have who knows how many effects it will have on their future. We know that she’d live. We don’t know what else would happen. There’s no guarantee he would have a happy life. No guarantee he would be with Iris in the parallel timeline. His dad was the only one trying to make him think of the larger consequences. It’s a shame that there weren’t more people doing this. Barry could potentially make the world worse, but his desire to save his mother seems to be enough to potentially mess everything up. He’s giving everything up for a dream, for potential, for hope.

The Flash - "Fast Enough"What was interesting was hearing Wells finally explain the true purpose of the particle accelerator and how absolutely dangerous it potentially was. Barry’s failure would be the death of him. I am glad that Cisco is voicing his concern. He’s making sure things are safe. That means Barry too. It was Victor who actually realized that Barry’s failure would be disaster for more than just Barry, but would cause a singularity.

Okay, so I did a little dance Wells finally confirmed his suspicions that Cisco was in fact a metahuman himself. He could feel through the vibrations. Now this makes me giddy because I’ve been saying all season that I’ve been excited to see Cisco as Vibe. I’ve wanted it so bad and it looks like we’ll be seeing that sooner rather than later. It also gave some sort of explanation to why Cisco could remember the things he did when no one else could. It’s not the best reason, but it is at least solid.

I’ve got to note that Caitlin and Ronnie getting married felt rushed. Yes we knew that they were already engaged, but they spent so little time together that it didn’t make sense that this happened. Then gain the were facing a threat that could potentially destroy them, but still it just felt like it came out of left field.

The Flash - "Fast Enough"Barry went through all of this. He went through all of the trouble of going back in time. And he didn’t save his mother. He did get to have one final moment with her. That seemed like the thing that he really needed more than maybe saving her. That meant that he came back and had to fight the Reverse Flash. It was a losing fight. Barry was going to lose. Then the gun was pulled. The moment that we saw that Eddie was the real hero. He killed himself to stop Thawne. It was a big moment, a gut punch. I hadn’t expected to feel so upset that Eddie died.

After seeing the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, things that hadn’t made sense about the show started to become clear. There were still some serious issues and confusion though. It wasn’t until this episode that a large part of the confusion faded and the conceit stated to make sense. Barry went into the wormhole spreading over the city. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next season to find out what happens.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “The Flash – “Fast Enough” Season Finale Review

  1. What a suitably crazy end for a crazy season. I loved the bit where his other self waved him off, but he got to talk to his mom again still. Can’t wait to see where this goes next year.

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