Game of Thrones – “The Gift” Review

Jon Snow’s plan is not a favored one. People who were his allies are turning against him. He, however, is acting in accord of brokering alliances and gaining reinforcements. It is the king of move that someone in a serious position of power would make. The difference is that Snow is ruling over a ragtag group of criminals and misfits who were sent to the wall as punishment and or banishment. It is something that makes his position more tenuous than a king making a bad move. Unfortunately, we’ve seen how kings are treated in this world. He’s in a bad place now. His leaving Castle Black leads to opportunity for rebellion.

Game of Thrones - "The Gift"So I have to admit that two episodes in a row we are facing the topic of rape. In this episode, the event was avoided as the attack was staved off, but it was unnecessary. From what I got out of the episode was that Samwell is in a position where he’s in serious danger now that Jon is gone. Heck, I can even see it as a nice reminder that Samwell is not a fighter and that Ghost is still lurking around Castle Black (I missed Ghost). That said we could have seen this, the attack, the aftermath, the concern for Gilly, without her being threatened in such a way. I was also a little disappointed that they initially had Gilly fighting back before they had her go inert as Sam was beaten. It didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem within her character to not fight back.

Sansa is in a precarious situation. She is in no other terms the victim of abuse. However, she’s been given time to grow in this show. She has not grown enough to be able to have the will to overtly stand against Ramsay and his abuse. However, in her days of confinement when she is left to linger in the aftereffects of her abuse she’s slowly come to the fact that she can no longer abide by his torture. She’s locked up and can not get out, but she can try to galvanize a beaten Theon. While I’m glad that she’s making an attempt to leverage her rescue, there’s something stewing from what she’s learned of Theon. She’s going to manipulate him and try to get him to do her will. The problem is she doesn’t know just how far Theon has fallen. If she’s to get out of her situation she needs to look out for herself.

Stannis’s front is not doing well. With Winter finally coming conditions are precarious. Their exposed troops are in danger with 40 horses dead in one night and their supply line cut off. It is a dangerous move for them to go forward. Stannis is willing to keep going because he believes in Melisandre. She is like the devil whispering in his ear, rallying him to take risks and achieve his goal. The real question is what Melisandre’s goal is. She preaches her love in her God, but why should she back Stannis. While he may be able to believe her words of their victory, he’s hesitant about her words of his daughter.

Game of Thrones - "The Gift"In King’s Landing, Lady Tyrell is not taking this situation kindly. She’s taken to making threats to the High Septon, but he’s not having any of it. Worst for Lady Tyrell is how he laughs in her face at her claims of starving out the city. Little finger is sowing his information to his necessary parties and that included meeting up with Lady Tyrell, since they were partners in crime. While Cersei is still playing her games. She is starting to realize, at the very least, that her actions are deeply impacting her son in a negative way. Something I assume she didn’t anticipate. That said, she’s still out to lay her plans and wipe out Margaery. Hell, Cersei has the nasty balls to go visit Margaery in her captivity. Cersei was so busy seeing that Margaery suffer that she didn’t seen herself being set up to be arrested as well. Poor Tommen is dangerously alone with both his powerful women locked away.

In Dorne, Jaime is suffering the effect of being absent from Myrcella’s life. She’s made a good point, her life has been in Dorne for quite a while. It makes sense that’s shes’ moved on. She fell in love. Who can really blame the girl, but it’s made Jamie’s trip all the more difficult now that she won’t cooperate. Meanwhile, Bronn was suffering the affects of poison. Luckily, one of the sand snakes took a liking to him and gave him an antidote.

Game of Thrones - "The Gift"I won’t go into the fighting pits, or how they managed to get there, but they did. The real point is that Tyrion has made it to Danaerys.

What did you think of the episode?

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