Game of Thrones – “Hardhome” Review

The stand off between Tyrion and Danaerys was fantastic. It was a wonderful way to pick up on the show. Tyrion made a great claim. He stated his uses and made an argument. However Daenerys was tentative and rightfully so. Thus she made his first task to prove himself as an advisor by deciding what needed to be done with Ser Jorah. His decision was to not have Jorah a devoted killed as it wouldn’t inspire devotion. Together they had Ser Jorah removed.

I’m loving the interaction between Tyrion and Danaerys. Together they are truly a force to be reckoned with. Their talks of ruling and how to rule was interesting. They both see things largely. This match up could lead to some impressive changes in power as they play their game to rule. Danaerys has no intention of staying out of Westeros. It seems she wishes to break all the royal families to do so.
Cersei has not lost her fight, but she’s resigned herself to being locked in that cell. I had been saying Cersei was playing with fire and her imprisonment is proof of this. She so desperately wanted Margaery out of the way that she sought help from the wrong person. Now she’s in the same position as her adversary and she left her son incapable of help her. She literally left laying her water from the cell floor because she will not confess and give in to her imprisoners.
Sansa finally got to have a real talk with Reek. It’s the most we’ve seen him talk since he’s plummeted into this fate. Sansa is rightfully angry at what he’s done, but she finally learned the truth that her brothers weren’t burned, but are still alive. That’s big for her. It’s not enough to forgive Theon, but it is one small mercy he provided that she thought she hadn’t and that might be enough to lessen her hatred.
The wildlings are a very different society. They are one who have hostility just below the surface. Thus Jon had to do his best to rally the resistant wildlings. It’s something we knew was going to happen for weeks now. Jon  couldn’t have done it with Tormund. That didn’t mean everyone could be convinced. There was so much hostility toward Jon and the plan, but it was necessary. Either way the offer was accepted and many left though som stayed behind. It was great seeing a different side of the wildlings. Even during Jon’s imprisonment we didn’t see a lot of the humanity with the wildlings. 
However during the retreat the wights came. They came in full force, attacking what had to be tens of thousands of people that were on the other side of the wall. I’m not going to talk much about it. The entire sequence was amazing and it’s something that you really need to watch. Jon snow was amazing and it’s about time we saw more like of this oncoming threat that we’ve been seeing so long. There were devastating moments and truly sad sight. The young kids that had been turned to wights. It was just so much awesome and really makes it clear how dangerous these creatures are. This is a major blow.

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