Writing Update

Again, I wish I had more time this week. Between reading for #TBRTakedown, my birthday, errands, and my constant state of exhaustion, I just haven’t had a whole lot of time this week. However, I love you all and everyone who frequents this blog so I wanted to let you know how my writing was going. I planned on releasing my season 1 review of The Flash yesterday, but again, exhaustion. You can expect that Monday.

I haven’t talked about how my writing has been going recently or at all really. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been hard at work I have. The exhaustion of this week kept me away, but I’ve been furiously editing for a few weeks now. In fact. I made major changes in The Forgotten Princess formerly known as A Father’s Daughter formerly known as The Throne. I’m starting to think I’ll never nail down the title of this one. Not a big deal as of yet, especially considering I underwent a major rewrite. I wrote this story two years ago. I never gave up on it because I loved it. That said, something wasn’t sitting right with some people so I recided a new haul. It is the same story, same beats. I’m retyping it, changing things as I go. Changing sentence strutures. Removing sentences adding sentences. Axing scenes when they don’t work. Ultimately, I’m changing it all up, while keeping it remarkably the same. I’m making sure that my MC is more enigmatic so people will invest in her. I also changed the gender of one of her companions so it wasn’t such a sausage fest. Besides, I really wanted to have a complex female friendship and if there was any friendship that was complex it was this one.

However, after a month of non-stop edits I needed a break. I didn’t last a day before I picked up the contemporary I had worked on a few months ago. Shockingly, I was really into it. I actually enjoyed the writing. I just needed to solidify the plot a bit more. Anyway, I got surprisingly far into it. I even wrote a few chapters from the male pov. I’m not going to write any more until I can get a beta for the rest because while I want to give his perspective, I don’t want to add it unless the story needs it. Not to mention his is rather dark and involves some topics readers may find difficult. They were events that really hit home with me so I want to include it, but not if it takes away from the MCs journey. She’s got it tough enough.

So that’s where I am with it all. I am reading like a fiend, but working on my writing like a fiend as well. The only problem is this past 2 weeks I haven’t want to do anything. Well nothing other than watching House of Lies with my boyfriend. I’ll be taking a break from everything late next week when I have a visitor. Hopefully it will reinvigorating. I need sleep.

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