Game of Thrones – “The Dance of Dragons” Review

The Boltons said they could halt Baratheon’s progress with 20 men and he did. Setting fire to their camp and ruining their progression. This is a majorly demoralizing hit for Stannis’s forces. There are now in an even worse position than previously and his men will die. Stannis so hungry for power he gave in to Melisandre’s call and allowed Shireen to be killed. Her mother for the first time showed an ounce of care for her daughter. Unfortunately it was too late to save her. Now for Stannis’s sake he needs the miracle he killed her for.

 Game of Thrones -  The return to Castle Black was a weary and troublesome one. Jon’s efforts were bested by the very force that he was rallying people to fight against.
The king of Dorne is not out for war. He’s upset with Jamie’s actions, but will not kill him for it. Heck, he’s even going to let Marchella leave, but his son and Marchellas intended will join. The entire time his sister was bitter and harsh. It was almost a bit strange to see a scene played entirely for humor with no real addition to poor or character. Similarly there was a light hearted, but at least character building scene in which the sand snakes had words.
Arya is going through a very strange journey recently. She’s been task d with a mark, but was drawn to follow a disgusting man. It was clear that Arya’s list is being reinvigorates and rightly so. Honestly I’m not sure where Arya’s arc has been going. There has been quite a bit of screen time and what seems to be little progress.
  I don’t have much to say about the fighting pits. Much of the things talked about were things we already knew about. We knew how these characters felt, we knew their stated intentions. We’d already seen them react to the pits. Yet, we spent quite a bit of time reiterating a similar scene we saw a couple of weeks ago. The only real twist as that we saw a rising of the Sons of the Harpy. It was a massacre. This the event Daenerys allowed to appease them backfired. It was chaos and it was good See Jorah was there to help. Daenerys, Daario, Tyrion, Jorah, and Missandei were circled. So of course Drogon showed up just in time to save her. She flew out of the pit with Drogon. If there was any doubt that she was the mother of dragons. It was an epic end however after last week, it just didn’t leave me as wowed.

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