The Flash Season 1 Review

The Flash was a nice refreshing breath of air from Arrow. Rather than a dark world, we got levity. Sure, there were some more trying subjects that were touched upon, but for the most part this was a light hearted show. It was something I didn’t know I would come to love so much. Sure, I’ve always been partial to The Flash. (Don’t ask why.) This was a chance to delve into a slightly different section of the world. Not everything was perfect, but I did enjoy the majority of what was delivered.
The Flash - "Rogue Air"
In case you don’t know, The Flash is about Barry Allen a speedster. The show’s first season chronicled his exploits in the first year after his powers came to be. The one thing I wish was touched upon a bit more was Barry’s 9 month coma. He was out for a long time and we hardly get any mention of this. In some ways this makes sense as he does not feel the effects like a normal person would. His speed which effects his entire body allowed him to heal at inhuman rates. So lingering on physical effects would not make sense within the context of the show. However, this is a guy who woke from a coma for 9 months feeling completely dandy. One would think the normal people in his life would be a bit cautious and it would be on the forefront of their minds. Barry is an anomaly. Though he may have incredible powers he is still a person and one of the first of their kind and are the closest to. It just always seemed a bit odd to me.

All that aside The Flash was able to deliver some fun villains time and time again. Most episodes scratched a fun itch as we saw some outlandish events take place. That said, the villains are largely uneventful. For the most part they never left a lasting impression and unfortunately, they tended to be a bit stiff and lacking development. One of the best things about a villain is not always their motivation, but their impact. What is it that they are doing that will impact people. When I look to ideal villains on the movie side I look to Heath Ledger’s Joker, on the TV side, I look to Arrow’s Slade. A great villain is someone that poses a threat and isn’t just something that can be easily forgotten. That said, there were some villains that I was partial to this season. Despite the kinda weird acting, I enjoyed Captain Cold. Also The Reverse Flash was a compelling villain that we got to see this season.

Many of the one off episodes, while fun, didn’t leave a major impression. Rather the episodes that stick out to me at the end of the season were the ones that majorly contributed to the Harrison Wells plot line. It was definitely one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. The show managed to weave clues of this overall mystery into many of the episodes creating an effective through line. The major issue I had with the standalone episodes were the lack of impact. The only reason stand alone style episodes whose plot I remember, that wasn’t a main plot line episode were “Plastique” and “Tricksters”.
The Flash = "The Sound and the Fury"
One of my favorite elements of the show turned out to be Cisco Ramon. I was always a bit excited that were were getting Cisco and eventually Vibe as a result. It was something that I could get behind because we don’t often get to see heroes of color on screen. I didn’t expect that I would fall in love with his jovial nature. He’s funny and sweet and generally when he pops on screen I’m sure to smile. That is something that doesn’t happen in shows frequently, but he was just a ray of sunshine among an already generally happy cast. He stood out and he was funny, but most importantly they still gave him depth. We really got to get some good glimpses about his past and emotional state in some of the episodes. It was also amusing to see a darker side of Cisco and that he may not be a Barry, but he isn’t useless.

Finally, I wanted to comment on the relationship between Barry and Joe. Yes, I know that Barry’s father is still alive in prison. I know that Barry loves his dad. But Barry has another Dad. Just because he is not blood does not make him any less of a father to Barry and that is Joe, glorious Joe. Their relationship really moved me as it felt like something really genuine and true. It was possibly one of the best elements of the show for me. You really got the sense that Joe loves Barry as a son. He is part of his family and you felt the same in return from Barry. It was amusing to see Barry being a petulant child at times toward Joe, but it really worked for the show. I’m tearing up just thinking about their relationship. It was moving to see them bond and go through issues together and all the while love each other. Barry choosing to keep his life as is was a very important decision for me to see because it would have broke me heart if he decided to give that up. Barry is a lucky guy and I’m glad he realized that.
The Flash - "Flash vs Arrow"
The season finale ended with Barry hurtling into a paradox formed cosmic black hole of sorts. It’s bad news bears and considering that we are getting a second season we kneow it will be resolved. However, the question will be how cleanly it can be done and what repercussions they will need to face. I’m looking forward to seeing Cisco embracing and learning his meta-human-ness. I’m interested in seeing how Harrison Wells could possibly be reintegrated into the team when he ultimately knew none of them. And I’m intrigued by Caitlin’s journey. She’s now married, but we got a glimpse of her in the future as Killer Frost. There are so many possibilities of where this show can go next season. I just hope that it can be tight and focused. The focus on a single goal was really what helped this show this season.

What did you think of season 1 of The Flash.

One thought on “The Flash Season 1 Review

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your review; I love all the characters but Cisco is a particular favourite (with Cold and Wells as top antagonists), and the relationship dynamics are wonderful, especially the father/son bond between Barry and Joe. Like you, I’m looking forward to season two.

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