Books I’ve Read in One Sitting | Top 5 Wednesday

What is this? I’m doing Top 5 Wednesday on my blog. This is not even real.

But it is.

My best friend was in town last week and I only had time to record one video, which went up on Monday. Oh well. My videos will start back up next week, but until then I wanted to continue with Top 5 Wednesday. Though I had to admit, this was the perfect week to run into some issues.

Okay, so I’m getting way off topic. Let’s reel it in. This week’s topic is Books I’ve Read in One Sitting. To be honest. The only books I’ve read in one sitting are graphic novels. Even then there aren’t many. I have this thing where I get up and do things while I’m reading. So this week I’m going to stretch the rules a bit. I’m going to include books that I read in 24 hours.

As always, the books are in no particular order.

5. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince / The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
I’m including both books here simply because they are in the same series. The first books came out when I was little. Compound that with the fact that I didn’t read the books until years after a few had been out and I already had a few. However, for these last two, my obsession had already kicked in. I went to the midnight premiere for both then proceeded to read all day. Eating? Nope. Resting my eyes? Nope. Interacting with people? No dice. Being a normal human being? I forgot how to do that a long time ago. It was reading, reading and more reading. I had to finish these books.

I read them both in one sitting as absurd as that might sound, since they are massive books. Regardless these books fit the bill. I read them each in one sitting. FYI the Order of the Phoenix was read in 2 days only because I was on vacation and was obligated to not be a reading hermit.

4. Through the Woods by Emily Carroll
This was not my favorite. Mainly because it was creepy and I was already exhausted when I read it. Seriously it messed with my little mind and made me turn on all the lights as I stumbled to bed. It is a series of horror fairy tales all set in or near the woods. It was dark and twisted and though my mind kept telling me I should put it down and read it in the daylight, I consumed every eerie morsel. It was a great book and while I had a few qualms with it, over all it was very enjoyable.

3. Rat Queens: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis Weibe
I devoured this graphic novel bind up. It was hilarious, crass, and a hell of a lot of fun. The Rat Queens are the new saviors and inspiration to my life. I want to be as sassy as them. Generally I like to savor my graphic novels, especially bind ups. You wait months and months to get one bind up, so I like to spread it out over a few days. Not with Sass and Sorcery. Excuse the fact that I read it for a read-a-thon. I loved it to pieces that I would have read it all in one go anyway. The story just sucked you in so you didn’t want to stop. The characters captivated and it was just fun.

2. The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Again, I read this for a read-a-thon, so it was extra motivation to finish. However, I picked it up because the first book was such an easy read. While technically I didn’t read it in one sitting as I had to do things like go to lunch with my boyfriend, get groceries, talk on the phone, and film some videos, I still finished it within 8 hours. I breezed through it. I just didn’t want to put it down and I kept turning page after page. The story just became so much more engrossing and it was so easy to fall back into that world. I loved it dearly.

1. Hyperbole and A Half by Allie Brosh
The title is much longer than that, but I’m not writing the whole thing out. You search Hyperbole and a Half and you’ll find it. This was a hilarious book. It made me laugh out loud, something books almost never do. Generally a book can elicit a smirk, but Hyperbole and a Half is just so real it’s hard not to laugh. The text itself is only slightly humorous. It’s often the illustrations that kick it to a new level of hilarity. I breezed through this one.

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