I Need a Beta

Despite all my other interests that I share on my blog, the biggest thing in my life has bee my writing. More than anything I want to write. However, I’ve let fear cripple me. I can’t let that continue.

I’ve been working on my contemporary. I should be done with my first round of edits soon, but that leads to one of the biggest issues I have. I don’t have a beta. I don’t have another writer or reader who I could let read my work and trust their feedback.From what I’ve seen of authors I respect, they all tend to have a couple respected betas. I want that.

Since I don’t have that, I thought I would post the first chapter of the young adult contemporary. Comments will be turned off, but never fear, I will attach a form so if you want to leave a comment you still can.

That’s really all. If this goes well, maybe I’ll do this with some of my other works.

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