Arkham Knight Comes Out Tonight

In case you didn’t know, I’m a pretty big Batman fan. Certainly not the biggest. However, I possibly am one of the biggest fans of the Arkham video game series. Those games seriously make my life.

arkhamknightx02Honestly, Arkham Asylum is the entire reason that I got back into gaming (that and Assassin’s Creed 2). I had been in a lull. A few times a year I would pick up a game for a few hours and that was it. Then I got a PS3 for my birthday and everything changed. The real intention of the gift was to be a bluray player to foster my ever expanding love of film. However, there was no way that I was going to have this gaming machine and not play games on it. So I set out to find some games I’d like. The first one I grabbed was Assassin’s Creed 2, since I’d seen a large chunk of it played and it amused me. I wasn’t satisfied with just one game though. I needed more, so I indulged. I consulted the internet and determined that it would be best if I bought Arkham Asylum and my love began.

Arkham Asylum was this concentrated game, filled with lore and things to find. I loved it and diving into the world. It was entertaining and dark and something I could really sink my teeth into. Not to mention that the performances were brilliant and the story was entertaining. I wanted more.

I got it with Arkham City. An even larger game that made me ache to dive into the city. Everything about it was bigger. More characters, more space to explore, and more Bats. It was everything I needed and didn’t even realize. I was enthralled by the game. Before I went to class I would play. After getting home from a party I played. I played any spare moment I could find. It was an absolute delight. I finished the game then patrolled the city until I got to Riddler’s challenge. I just couldn’t get enough of that game and the number of hours I sunk into it would probably make people question my sanity.

Then there was Arkham Origins. For a minute I wasn’t going to talk about this at all. It wasn’t created by the brilliant Rocksteady who made the first two games. For all intents and purposes, I don’t even consider Arkham Origins as part of the trilogy as most sane people would. That said, it was still a game I played set in this world. The thing is it wasn’t a terrible game. It was okay, maybe even on the good side. However, when you stack it next to the fantastic games that were Asylum and City, it pales in comparison.

arkhamknightx03And now we are arriving at the time when Arkham Knight will finally be in my sticky fingers (don’t ask why they’re sticky because they aren’t). I’m so fantastically excited about this game that I can’t even collect my words into coherent thought. All I can manage is that it’s almost here and I will be picking it up at midnight so when I wake up in the morning. Rather than my usual youtube/TV/reading binge, I will play the game.

Are you planning on playing Arkham Knight?

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