The Strain – “By Any Means” Review

Kelly may be a vampire, with only a prey instinct, but she seems to have lingering memories of her connection to her son. That is exactly what the master is trying to use against his enemy. That said, it’s rather disturbing watching her do whatever vampire behavior was going on with the newly turned blind children.

The Strain - "By Any Means"The flashbacks showed an early encounter between Abraham a professor at the University of Vienna and Eldritch Palmer, at the time young and in a wheelchair. Other than the fact that I felt Abraham’s makeup ridiculous and that he also looked much too old. However, the actual reaction worked between the two of them as the power balance seemed already in place it became clear that Abraham has always been the underdog, but Eldritch seemed to know things that he shouldn’t have. I was almost surprised that we saw how Abraham got the cane so quickly. Nor did I see that the antique seller that Abraham found was actually one of the Nazi doctors who tortures the inmates in his camp. Abraham recognized him immediately. What I was most surprised about was the fact that Abraham a good 20 years younger couldn’t catch the old man. Still he walked away from the event with the cane after it had been dropped as the doctor fled.

The manipulation that Ephraim found so easy to employ on the only couple in their custody was almost as bone chilling as the vampires as they attack. He held these people until they had no other choice. Then if they still were unsure, he made it clear that the couple would only end up killing the ones they love. It was manipulation at it’s best. However, in Ephraim’s defense, they really didn’t have much of a choice. They would have become his subjects whether he agreed or not. They did manage to create a batch of antidote that would attack those with the vampire strain in their blood stream. I’m rather surprised that they got to that so quickly. Then again this show often does this as it has adopted a very quick pace this season.

The law makers and politicians are dealing with a tough situation on their hands. Honestly, I’m glad that they are addressing this issue. This is a pandemic and it needs to be handled. The problem is they don’t know what exactly they are dealing with it. I’m glad that we have a female character who was not standing for the bs that was being presented to her. She sees the vampires for the dangerous creatures they are and knows that they need to be killed. She wants something to be done and she’s going to do it with or without the mayor’s backing.

The Strain - "By Any Means"I’m really enjoying the flirtation between Vasiliy and Dutch. The two seem like a pair that would work together because they are both rather bold and badass. That said, I felt like their entire venture out was just for an opportunity for them to be alone. They certainly got it as the two finally hooked up. While I like the pairing of the two, I felt like it was a detour from more pressing matters.

Zack is still extremely restless. His mother is gone. His hope is shattered. At this point he’s seen these vampires first hand. However, he’s just coming off as a yelling brat. I honestly enjoyed the kid more last season because he was more even keeled and not so angsty. On the same token, his father has become equally as troublesome. He’s taken up his drinking again which has brought in a lot more snark. It’s a little unfortunate that this isn’t quite as highlighted. So far this behavior has not backfired or had any real impact on what is going on so far.

What did you think of the episode?

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