The Strain – “Fort Defiance” Review

The Strain - "Fort Defiance"I didn’t expect to see the return of our Rocker vampire. He was a nice welcome because while the other vampires are plenty terrifying, seeing the sentience that we get from Gabriel. There’s just something more threatening when you are facing a beast that can think and maybe even outsmart you.

Ephraim and Nora are still hard at work on their cure. While they may have found a way to kill the parasites that cause vampirism, they haven’t found a way to stave off their immediate deaths. They need to die yes, but not before they infect others. They need to change things up, but no doubt her discovery of Abe’s use of the parasite will help inform their next moves. At least I should hope that she takes the knowledge and puts it to good use. I know I missed it, but I’m not sure what exactly was done for them to find a better deployment of their anti-parasite.

Gus is training with vampires. This is possible the most intense way to train. That said he is probably going to be the most well equipped to deal with what is coming to him. For one. he was able to successfully go hand to hand with a vampire, ripping out the strange sucker like device that is unique to their species. It was fascinating to see another way to take them out. It seems that his employers have him starting on an actual plan. This involved an attack on Palmer’s building. Palmer was more prepared than I expected. When the vampires went down due to some high tech moving UV lights and a UV pit, Gus was forced to retreated on his own. What I didn’t understand was they they weren’t wearing or couldn’t pull on their gear. We had previously seen them out in full daylight in full gear. I’m not sure why that didn’t apply except for the idea that maybe they wore lighter gear since they didn’t expect to go free.

Abraham is quite determined, but he’s seeing age. He’s old very old and has been fighting this fight his entire life. Now that things are finally coming to a head, he’s much too old to be running with the rest. Yet, he is still out their in the field, conducting his own experiments. He may be old, but he’d not letting this stop him and that’s something to admire. Turns out that he’s been absorbing the parasite after boiling it down for a long time. This wasn’t his first endeavor and it has allowed him to live as long as he has. He may be 94 but the strain is making him a 94 year old man that can still fight back.

The Strain - "Fort Defiance"Last season, I like Zach. He was curious, but cautious. More importantly he seemed to have a healthy dose of fear induced him him. You’d think that he wouldn’t do stupid things like run off in the city at night when the vampires are more dangerous. It’s not like he hasn’t had these encounters and doesn’t know that those things can and will kill him. It’s rather frustrating to see him behaving so foolishly. Last year I cared, now I don’t and that is a problem with the way the story is currently being written in terms of his character. He’s so constantly petulant that it’s annoying. Why he would ruin research that could save people makes no sense. The change in his character really is not working.

Justine the leader of Staten Island is not playing games with the epidemic. She knows that this is not something to dick around with quaint politics. In her press conference she displayed the strung up severed heads and their bodies for all to see. Heck, she’s taking it a step further by declaring that the display would stay out to greet all those who come to Staten Island.

What did you think of the episode?

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