The Strain – “The Silver Angel” Review

The episode opened with a very strange wrestling fight when appeared to be luchadores. One of the luchadores was the titular Silver Angel and he was attacked by his wrestling foe. Overall, it was a strange little segment, but rather amusing to watching. The hammy acting was perfect for what one would expect from a move of that time. It was entertaining to watch, but of course it had more meaning than just being a silly film. That all came around when we finally caught up with Gus (there was a luchador mask in his home). He went home for a visit and to get some things, but it was an awful event. His mother was still looming in the apartment and he couldn’t manage to kill her. Which was a good thing as a time as Gus was able to get a message from the Master. The Master ultimately wanted to rub Gus’s failure in his face. The ancient ones didn’t win and The Master wants it to be clear that he will continue to beat them. This scene worked, but there were so many things that could have upped the tension and made it more intense that was not done.

The Strain - "The Silver Angel"Gus’s interaction with the girl at Tandoori Palace was rather interesting. It really is awful how people can be treated for their appearance alone. Gus did nothing and was almost instantly harassed. Worse yet, he was in there with money and spreading good will about how his potential love interest should love her mother and not fight over him. I’m also glad that the luchador plot was further integrated. he was so in love with that olf movie that he was able to identify the washerman giving him a hard time as the Silver Angel.

The Strain is at it’s best when we get an opportunity to see the characters in the wild and dealing with their surroundings. So far this season they’ve been mostly holed up and safe, which doesn’t leave the characters having to think on their toes. That’s why I was glad to see Eph, Nora, and Vasiliy out on the road to release their infect vampire, even if it was only for a few minutes. Their virus is effective. After only one night their one test subject was able to infect the entire next. Unfortunately that meant that The Master was aware of what was going on. The problem was The master ordered them all to kill themselves rather than spread the invection. At least we know that they are on the right track now.

The Strain - "The Silver Angel"Chaos is beginning to hit the streets in a more public way. We’ve seen again and again that these creatures are dangerous. We’ve seen entire buildings that have been taken over. Heck, we even know that officials see what is going on and are doing something about it. The real problem is that with all of this death we haven’t seen any real chaos that has occurred. Now we are finally getting to see that a bit and I’m glad. Seeing that attack happen during a news report intentionally was a statement. This is meant to destroy things. More importantly the attack was a strategic move on Palmer’s part.

The flashback followed as Abraham got a lead on the book he’d been looking for with Palmer. They found a location in which they believed it was and ventured to the ravaged church. Everyone inside was dead, save a little boy. It was rather demoralizing. You can see why Abraham has had such a long hard journey.

I’ll give it to the show that they did some work on making Zach less irritating. This episode he just seemed like a slightly moody kid who wasn’t a total twit.It’s only a start, but it’s an effective one.

My biggest issue with this episode was that it felt far too busy. It jumped from plot line to plot line without devoting much time for any of them to develop properly. I’ve mentioned previously that The Strain episodes that have been the best is when they are more focused on one specific goal. This episode felt spread a bit too thin with too many storylines going on. I’m hoping that we’ll get at least one solid episode that is intensely focused.

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