The Deadpool Trailer Dropped

You may or may not know that I absolutely love Deadpool. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but Deadpool brings me all sorts of joy that a sane probably shouldn’t feel. He’s funny he’s vicious. He’s a merc with a mouth. I love Deadpool, but he certainly isn’t for everyone. Which is why it was so difficult for him to finally get his own movie. After his horrible mistreatment in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he’s back thanks to the persistence of Ryan Reynolds. We are getting Deadpool and it isn’t going to be a washed out PG-13 movie (though I don’t think it would have been a total disaster, just not true to the character) and it will hopefully be awesome. Now we get our first taste with the first official trailer. Well, after we got a trailer trailer.

Yes, they are going all out with the tone of Deadpool and even from the trailer trailer it was clear that they weren’t holding back. It is full of cursing and outlandish puns and metaphors. It’s rather funny, yet simple. All that just to let people know the trailer was coming. I can get down for that. It only made my excitement for the actual release of the trailer rise.

The trailer isn’t much different than the leaked on that came from comic con. Most importantly, this trailer holds nothing back. It doles out jokes and gore all in one. If the final product is anything like this trailer it should be a fun ride.

That said, we don’t get a strong sense of plot in this. That is not a bad thing, necessarily. We do see that Wade has been through quite a bit of personal trauma. We ultimately see how he went from a normal guy to one who is badly scarred. Watching that journey play out on screen should be interesting as he comes to terms with it before he jumps into being completely outlandish. However the overall plot is missing. Now, I’m not one who likes to be spoiled in trailer. However, this is more of a mood trailer than anything. We aren’t given any indication as to where the plot will be directed.

Thankfully, the tone is so well executed that I’m sold. Granted, I was already eager when it comes to this project, however now I’m through the roof excited. It looks like a lot of fun with plenty of humor and action.

Are you excited for Deadpool? What did you think of the trailer?

2 thoughts on “The Deadpool Trailer Dropped

  1. I’m not all that familiar with Deadpool. I don’t like to be spoiled in a trailer, but this gives me nothing to go on. It almost feels like a joke. But I guess it’s not. It’s on imdb and everything. I’m definitely not excited, but it mildly interesting.

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