The Strain – “Quick and Painless” Review

We can finally find see how the police are handling clearing out the vampires that are cluttering the streets. Watching the sweep as the two cops went from apartment to apartment felt like proper horror. They moved from room to room, sometimes encountering nothing and other times running into children vampire. Though it was rather upsetting to see the cop that got bit think he was okay because it wasn’t in the neck. Clearly his cop friends knew that wasn’t the case. The reveal that this kid was the nephew of Justine really worked. She had to face the same struggles as her people and it was moving to see her have to cope with the fact that there was no way to make her nephew better. He was doomed to die. This segment ended up working really well as you got a great sense of the loss this makes others face.

The Strain -  With the cure working Eph needs to keep moving forward. That means taking the knowledge of the cure and going to DC so that something can be done. The problem is Eph is a wanted man. Which is why Nora acted like a reasonable adult and put the kabosh on Eph’s plan to bring Nora and Zach with him. It would be far too dangerous and clunky to work as a trio, one being a moody kid. I’m glad he didn’t spend too much time bitching about it and just moved forward. With that he even shaved his head! Good bye wig and hello embracing the fact that Corey Stoll looks far more attractive with is bald head.

It was a good thing that Eph left the others behind because as Nora suspected, it took a lot of effort for Eph to move about. He was constandly under suspicion. Thins got even worse when he ran into Barnes who was just as much of a dick now as he was then. Eph was forced into a position where he had no choice. Unfortunately one can’t really jump off a fast moving train safely. Barnes found that out the hard way.

Nora did a good job bargaining knowledge for Vasiliy’s freedom. It worked rather well. Heck it even got Vasiliy some face time with the Captain leading the charge against the vampires. Their exchange of information was rather entertaining. It also led to them working together which was something I didn’t exactly see coming. Watching them team up was gratifying as they went back to move through yet another building.

 Abraham is still off dealing with all sorts of people. He’ll do anything to get what he needs and he’s still focusing on the book he wasn’t able to get. The Occio Lumen may be a highly mysterious and elusive book, but that doesn’t mean Abraham doesn’t have the necessary goods to foster a deal.

We are a nice way into this new season and I have to admit that I don’t understand the point of Coco. Nor do I understand why she is drawn to this man. It just doesn’t quite work for me. I have to assume that she will either be put into some peril that forces Eldritch to save her in some way. Or Eldritch is placed in a situation where Coco does something to make him change his mind.

What did you think of the episode?

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