DC TV Remains United – Constantine on Arrow

It is official. John Constantine will be making his appearance some time this season on Arrow.

Before Constantine was canceled a few months back, there had been chatter that Constantine may cross over. Stephen Amell seemed particularly keen on the idea. As we now know that anything Stephen Amell really wants publicly will happen. I’m looking at you Stardust and the WWE. Well, this is proving to be no different. The idea of a cross over was something that didn’t really seem feasible before. While all of the shows were under the Warner Bros studio, the shows aired on different networks which posed a bit of a hurtle. It seems that now that Constantine will no longer be a show that has opened up new possibilities for the character.

Constantine - "A Whole World Out There"Let’s be honest, Constantine, while a watchable show, wasn’t a good show. It had it’s highlights, but it really struggled to find itself. It featured an likeable, but terrible protagonist. It had side characters that either weren’t fleshed out enough until too late, or were just plain annoying. Worst of all, it seemed to struggle with whether it wanted to be serial or procedural. While it did seem to start to figure itself out a bit toward the end, it was too late and it just simply was not working. while a season two likely would have improved, the TV industry is in a place where there are simply too many options and few shows get saved. Those that do have to have a truly passionate fanbase and a promising show.

The best thing about Constantine was Matt Ryan. He shined as the titular Constantine and I found myself watching it not for anyone else or the plots, but simply for him. Now, he’s going to get to continue to shine in his role. Heck, he may even become a fan favorite with the support of more solid writers and him having a real purpose in his appearances. This is the kind of news that thrills and excites me. We don’t know much about when exactly he’ll make his appearance or for how many episodes, but we do know it will be at least two based on press wording,

More importantly, I’m thoroughly thrilled so see how Constantine and Oliver will interact. Both are very different kinds of hero. Oliver is more stand up. Constantine will sacrifice people easily. However, after the journey Oliver’s had this past season, the two may have more to relate to than they realize or Oliver is willing to admit. It should be interesting to see how they interact and what role Constantine will play whether it is a friendly antagonist, an obstacle, or aid with very different ideals.

Are you excited to see more of Constantine on Arrow?

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