The Strain – “Identity” Review

Eph is wasting no time going to work and I’m glad. If he was dallying and going for drinks rather than immediately going to work, I would have questioned his devotion to this cause. However, once Eph felt like he had everything int he bag he didn’t mind going out for drinks or hooking up with his contact. In case you guys forgot, Eph was currently hooking up with Nora. Apparently since he’s nowhere near Nora and this lady got him what he wanted, it’s alright. Not cool man. We knew that Eph was a gy with problems and he wasn’t always the best guy out there, but there was always this sense that you still wanted to like him despite his faults. However as things progress it’s harder to like him. I’m pretty sure that if we were supposed to feel bad for her that could have been done without making Eph come off as an even worse person.

The Strain - "Identity"It is a good thing that Reggie is finally on the team. From the beginning Reggie didn’t like what Palmer was doing, but felt indebted to Palmer. It was thrilling when he told Palmer to screw off. Then he was kinda of MIA for the beginning of the season. Now that he’s here, I’m ready for him to do something, even if it’s just another pair of hands to fight them. It’s a damn shame that we brought him on only for him to become fodder by the end of the episode. That said it was a rough moment to see him go especially after making a crucial save.

The interaction between Zach and Nora at the beginning of the episode felt weird. There was something eerie about Zach’s delivery. I really can’t put my finger on it, but something about the cock of his head and the tone of his voice that unsettled me. It almost felt like something was up, but Nora was too blinded by the fact that he was being sweet. That said, he went back to acting like a genuine sweet kid later in the episode as he shifted through old clothing. It’s amazing how my feelings toward this kid can sway from minute to minute. It was good to see him act like a kid before the attack led on him and Nora by his mother and her minions. If this wasn’t enough to scare some sense in ach then I don’t know what will.

The Strain - "Identity"Gus has a real love for The Silver Angel. His way of getting the truth out of Angel is to harass Angel until he confessed. It was a brute way to do it, but he got what he wanted. The real question was why. It was interesting that Gus was allowed back in the series. Now I can’t remember why they went into the apartment, but it was nice seeing Gus show how capable he’s become with his training. While Angel didn’t do much, he did prove that he was alert and capable enough to take action. I’m excited to see how Angel reveals his story of his previous encounter with the vampires.

While Vaun and his team is dead we were introduced to a new vampire working with the ancients. This one came in from out of time with a lot of style and is willing to bring down the Master. however where Vaun was tough and smart, he followed the rules and obeyed the Ancients.

It was also interesting seeing that The Master has shedded his former form of the giant and is now inhabiting Bolivar.

What did you think of the episode.

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