What We Know of Fear The Walking Dead

In case you didn’t know, Fear the Walking Dead, the first official spin off from The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday (August 23 at 9/8c on AMC). While The Walking Dead takes liberties on it’s source material it still often remains decently loyal as it follows various plot lines and makes changes when necessary. Fear the Walking Dead is freed from the limiter that the comics place on The Walking Dead. The story that is to arise will be entirely unique. Set far from The Walking Dead’s home in Georgia (and now DC suburb Alexandria) Fear the Walking Dead will take place in a more populated Los Angeles. More importantly, the new spin off will chronicle the time missed when Rick was in the hospital.

Fear The Walking DeadThe first season will focus on the fall. Our characters will be navigating the world as things start to go awry. This is bound to pose more confusion for our characters when the dead begin to walk. When the new dead rises looking pristine it’s a bit more boggling. It’s a very different situation than Rick and the gang are facing when most of the dead are either decayed or mauled. It will be interesting to see the chaos that ensues.

Fear the Walking Dead’s first season will only be 6 episodes similar to The Walking Dead’s first season. It seems that by the end of the season, at least based on the promotional material, civilization will be falling, people will be fleeing, and the effect of the apocalypse will be in full swing. This season will sure to be entertaining as we are getting to see a period in time that we’ve never been allowed to see. More importantly it will focus on the family dynamic and doubt. The potential problem I see comes with season 2, which has already been renewed for a 15 episode season. Where will the show go that will allow it remain distinct from The Walking Dead. Yes it will have different characters and with that, likely a completely different dynamic. However, they will be navigating the same world, just in a different location. What will Fear the Walking Dead do in the future to make this show unique from The Walking Dead.

That may seem like a small doubt however it’s a big question. Six episodes is something short and sweet that will no doubt be entertaining. However, I’m struggling to see why I should move forward beyond those six episodes unless it can truly establish itself as something different enough to invest 15 hours worth of time in the future when I could just stick to The Walking Dead.

Will you be watching Fear the Walking Dead?

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