Fear the Walking Dead – “Pilot” Series Premiere Review

Be warned there will be some spoilers ahead.

I feel like it might be the first time we’ve seen this proper reaction. When you see the person you are sleeping with unresponsive, growling, and most importantly eating people you run. You run like there is no tomorrow. Nick ran from something he should have and that was a refreshing change from what we usually see in early stage outbreak situations.

Fear The Walking DeadNick’s accident propelled us into the rest of the family dynamics. It is a new family structure with Travis as the bridge between to relationships with women he has and currently loves and the children they bring. His relationship with his biological son is about as rocky and possibly more toxic than the relationship he has with his new girlfriend’s kids.

The show kicks off right as things are going bad. The dead are already out consuming others. However it’s so sparing that chaos hasn’t broke out. As we learned from a brief encounter with one of Madison’s students the information is only leaking out on the Internet. However a the episode progresses we see how things are evolving. There are reports in multiple cities. Things are getting out of hand. Videos are leaking through the internet. Overall we are seeing that things are getting progressively worse as time goes on.

I enjoyed that while they took Nick’s claim with a grain of salt, he wasn’t completely dismissed. Instead, Travis actually took a look into the claim. This could have gone very badly. Not trusting those when they saw truth because they have lied is a bad case of boy who cries wolf. However considering he’s never posed similar symptoms and was clearly distressed it would have done will to examine his claims.

Fear the Walking DeadThere is no denying that this is a slow show. In some ways this works as already you get a good sense of who these characters are. On the other hand it moves at such a pace that when you look back it’s difficult to see what happened in the first hour. The final half hour of the 90 minute premiere as things picked up. The situation city wide was still at a slower pace. In fact, I think the last half hour was paced the best. it allowed characters to breath, but it also ramped up the tension and had things actually happening to the characters.

There was an introduction of a character named Cal. When we first met him he seemed like a nice guy and a former friend of Nick. So it was a little disappointing when we saw him switched to being not Nick’s friend, but his dealer. Now the switch I could understand, but I didn’t understand Nick’s sudden motivation for trying to kill Nick. Maybe I just can’t get into the mindset to understand it, but I don’t see how Nick would be any threat to him. That said Cal served a more important purpose. Confirming Travis’s suspicions that Nick really did see something terrible and making Madison believe. It really worked and the pacing of it worked for the show.

Honestly, if the show hadn’t picked up the pace a bit toward the end of the episode I would ave left the episode seriously questioning if I wanted to continue on.

What did you think of the episode?

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