Fear The Walking Dead – “So Close, Yet So Far” Review

Spoilers ahead.

You know how I said Matt was probably dead? Yeah, what she found must have been awful to see him so sick. She doesn’t know that he’s as good as dead. However walking through his ravaged house must have been terrible enough. Turns out he got a big bite on his shoulder one that’s been killing him for at least a day. Him telling her that she needed to go was a big moment. She didn’t want to leave, but he knew that he’d be dangerous and that he wasn’t going to make it. It was big of him.

Fear The Walking Dead - "So Close, Yet So Far"Travis has the right idea, immediately wanting to get his family out of the city. Things are getting bad and what was the most terrible was that Travis saw the police holding the water from a convenience store for himself. With the rest of his family still in harms way he was all about getting them to safety. I really enjoyed that Lisa didn’t hesitate for an explanation about what was going on but went straight for her son. The protest Chris was at quickly turned and ended up locking off the section of the city they were in forcing them to take residence with a barber and his family.

I was really hit by Nick’s acknowledgment that he was going to be in a world of shit. Not only is the world going to shit but he’s a junkie and may have to go cold turkey. Shortly after we already saw him start feeling it. Which meant that Madison needed to get something to help him ween off it all rather than make him go through a total detox. He is really going to struggle. It worked in his favor when it came to Alicia attempting to sneak out. His yelling for her to stay didn’t work out, but no sooner than she left the door he dropped and started seizing forcing her to come back and care for him. It really worked, but what he’s going to have to go through will be interesting. Nick really is a good guy. There hasn’t been a nasty caring thing about him. However he’s paranoid and like Tobias he was quick to realize that things just weren’t right and he wasn’t going to stand for it.

Fear The Walking Dead - "So Close, Yet So Far"Madison’s adventure back at the school allowed her to get the drugs Nick needs, it ran into Tobias. He was back to get his knife and stock up on goods. It wasn’t until the principal was found that it got intense at that point I realized that I would not want Madison on my team. She just hesitates too much. Watching her spinning around unsure on the stairs a the principal was on Tobias unsettled me. The did manage to get free. Despite good advice from Tobias she seemed to shrug it off.

I really enjoyed that they split up the characters as we got a chance to get to know the characters more. Each got to show their strengths and their weaknesses. We got to see how they react to things that they encounter and I enjoyed seeing how they would deal.

Seriously the first three named characters that have died have been black men.

What did you think of the episode?

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