The Strain – “Intruders” Review

Watching Eichorst make up Kelly was was suitably creepy. Whereas Eichorst is well adjusted and doesn’t look like the disgusting abomination that Kelly is. He’s teaching her to speak to control her muscles. (Which by the way with all her twitching I’m surprised she gained enough control to drive a car. I don’t believe it.) He is tying to still use her to get to the kid, which should get to Setrakian. It is a plot line that’s never really worked for me. However it has added a constant barrage at the team to get in their way while the Master was recovering. It gives the Master control so they can’t spend all their time trying to thwart them. I have to mention I don’t know how Kelly got through the check because the gate was closed before she pulled up, yet somehow the gate was then open for her to drive through.

The Strain - "Intruders"Eph went on another side mission today that didn’t push the plot forward. While I’m glad that every week the plot and the story is moving forward, I do have a problem with the side missions. There are certain characters, like Eph and Vasiliy who are put in every episode regardless of whether they are pushing the story forward. In this case, Ephraim encountered a man with a serious bullet wound and expected to operate on the older man even thought he’s not a surgeon. I was glad that he was trying to help someone, but turly it was an unnecessary plot. Ultimately he wanted a big gun and he got it. All the rest were just bits and pieces that weren’t needed. At least he did somewhat come clean about what happened between him and Leigh in DC.

Vasiliy on the other hadn was being useful as Setrakian’s muscle. With Setrakian finally realizing and accepting that he is a very old man with aging slowed by his strigoi tonic. He is still in pursuit of the Occio Lumen and finally found it. The problem is that The Cardinal was in possession of it and intended to let the highest bidder get it. That didn’t work out very well for the cardinal, however watching Setrakian declare that he was going to steal it before Palmer could get it was fun. It was the other side’s shady tactics which then made it possible for Setrakian to get the book by force.

The Strain - "Intruders"The final confrontation with Kelly was possibly the most tense scene this season. it was also filled with foolish moves. The most foolish I have to mention was that after Kelly got in, Eph didn’t immediately close the door even though he stood right next to it. That allowed for the children to get in they barely killed the two in there. However, the confrontation was necessary for Zach as he still believed that Kelly was still his mother to the point that while he was hesitant he still opened the door for him. When Kelly attacked him he finally realized that she was not the same.

Again the relationship between Palmer and Coco just doesn’t work for me. The fact that she walked out for me left me with a mix of “good, you should” and complete indifference.

What did you think of the episode

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