Back in the Writing Saddle

Let’s be honest, I haven’t talked much about writing recently. I haven’t frequented AbsoluteWrite like I used to. I’ve dropped off.

I’ve had my reasons though. I lost my inspiration. A death in the family rattled me. I felt like I was the worst writer ever. Rejections were piling up. There are all sorts of other little reasons, but all they were were excuses.

I’m not going to say that the time off didn’t help. I’m not saying that the experimentation I’ve dabbled with this year hasn’t opened my eyes. And I definitely won’t say that the time I spent reading rather than writing wasn’t beneficial to me as a writer. It all has.

However, the time for me bemoaning and saying I”m going to do something is over. Starting tomorrow I write, I edit, I improve. Heck, let’s not even wait until tomorrow. I start today. I have ideas swarming in my head. I have a short story I want to desperately write before it slips from my head. i have two novel ideas I need to start plotting so when it comes time for NaNoWriMo I actually have something prepared.

I’m turning the ship around. I have not wrote or edited in over a month even though I keep saying I will. That changes and part of that is going to be letting all of you hold me accountable.

It’s time.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Writing Saddle

  1. Good luck! I was feeling burnt out and took most of August off from blogging in particular and writing in general and I’m now trying to get back up to speed myself. It’s always good to hear from others that sometimes taking time off is necessary and helpful and not a bad thing 🙂

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