Random TV Stuff: Diggle’s Costume, Bastard Executioner, Doctor Who & iZombie

I don’t often talk about TV news unless it is something that I can turn into an entire piece. More often than not I just have a few thoughts and it’s not worthy wasting an entire post on it. This blog is mainly for reviews and think pieces after all. Telling you about every tiny little bit of news just isn’t what I’m here to do. That doesn’t mean I’m not sometimes tempted to put up a short 200 word piece on some basic thoughts on various news pieces. This week was one of those weeks where there was just so much that I’m still thinking about I wanted to make a post. And rather than breaking it all up in to little posts that may get over looked. I’m going to give it all in one go.

Let’s do this.

Diggle Has a Costume

diggleconceptYup, I said it. After three seasons a brief stints wearing the Arrow suit, Diggle is costuming up. Earlier this summer we saw some concepts of what Diggle’s costume would look like, so we knew it was coming. However seeing it on him is completely different. Whereas Laurel’s reveal last summer was exciting because she looked great in the new version of the Canary costume, Diggle looks more like a knock off. A knock off of a Marvel character. In case you didn’t notice, that new helmet of his looks rather like Magneto’s except a bit more cramped. That said I’m glad that he is finally suiting up. Not only will it finally protect his identity and as an extension his family, Diggle Costumeit signals that he will be getting out in the field more often. Heck it also means he will have more protection thanks to the suit. Ultimately the new costume signals a big change in his character, one that I’m really looking forward to.

The Bastard Executioner Looks Captivating

It is no secret that I was no fan of Sons of Anarchy. I’m just not a huge fan about watching a show about awful characters who just have varying degrees of awful. Kurt Sutter may have very well created yet another world filled with characters who make me angry, but the world in which this one is set is something I can get down with. Goodbye to present day biker gangs and hello to medieval times. I’m really not sure why I’m slowly getting more and more excited about this show but I’m intrigued.

Doctor Who is Coming Back and So is River Song

doctorwhoseries9Many of you have probably guessed or seen that I’m practically frothing for a new season of Doctor Who. I find myself perfecting key Doctor phrases with a Scottish brogue (I’m getting better). In case you didn’t know Doctor Who returns for it’s 9th season on September 19th. That means more Doctor, more Clara, and more adventures. This season will even see Game of Thrones’s Maisie Williams (better known as Arya Stark) entering the world. I know a bunch of people have speculation of what her role will be, but not I. In fact, aside from seeing returning characters and guest stars, I do not look in to what their roles may be. I like surprise, but I still do like my behind the scenes scoops. Maisie Williams isn’t the only one coming Doctor Who this season. It was also just revealed that Alex Kingston will be returning for this year’s Christmas episode. AKA River Song is coming back. You may not know this, but River is by far my favorite non-Doctor character to grace the screen. There’s just something about her and her vivacious personality that I can’t get enough of. Heck, if she got her own spin-off I would watch it in a second.

My Love for iZombie

izombieI didn’t really talk about the show on my blog. I already had a bunch of shows that I was reviewing. As a result iZombie was pushed to a secondary slot. While it aired on Tuesday, I watched it every Wednesday morning as soon as it came to Hulu. I was hooked on the show. I still am. There was just something about it that was light and fun, but also still proved that it had to guts to pull at your heart. There were some intense moments that made you question where things would go. best of all the characters really came to life in interesting ways. They felt unique and most importantly genuine in a world where many procedurals just seem to be filled with the same kinds of characters. It stole my heart and I love the show.

We are now about a month away from it’s premiere and I honestly can not wait for it’s next season. Seeing how things will evolve and how humor will be used on this show will really work. I am a little bit weary about this being a full season. I do like the condensed nature of shorter seasons that allow for the plot to be tighter and more intricately planned.

TV Season is Returning

The time is upon us. Every year this glorious time emerges. The vast majority of the shows that I love return to give me nearly endless hours of pleasure. By the time that we return from Labor Day, the slow trickle of show returns will emerge starting with The League. There are a lot of shows that I watch on a weekly basis. Even more than the tremendous number of shows that I actually review. Sure there are a couple of shows that I need to catch up on before their seasons begin, but I’m ready for the challenge. More importantly I’m excited for some of the new crop of shows that will be gracing our screens this year. It will be fun to see which shows fail and which shows flop and which shows suprise me with how good they are despite there premise.

What shows are you looking forward to this fall? Are there any shows you’d like me to review?

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