The Strain – “The Battle for Red Hook” Review

With everything going on, I totally didn’t realize that the Strain came on last night. My bad. Either way, I quickly realized my mistake and watched the episode.

Eichorst is still busy doing the Master’s bidding. The main thing is to continue to motivate Kelly. I still don’t understand why getting Zach is a priority. This will screw with Eph, but not Setrakian, so I don’t understand the point.

The Strain - "The Battle for Red Hook"Zach on the other hand is finally accepting that his mom is dead. It took Kelly nearly killing Eph for him to realize it. Not only that but he’s finally acting less irritating. He’s still annoyed and irritable, but something switched and his behavior is more subtle. This may be in part because he’s left the angst and constant yelling behind. He’s also to the point where Kelly finally scares him and he’s left clutching to Nora for comfort, which only drives Kelly more mad.

Dutch’s plot is still a bit more drama than I care for her, girlfriend roommate, I can’t even remember her name, is keeping Dutch back. She’d been making progress as a character even if she didn’t know it. This other woman is keeping Dutch inside and adds tension between her and Vasiliy. Maybe it just hurts because we never really got to see them together, but I want more for Vasiliy. He’s taking it like a champ. Dutch however is just having angry sex with this woman who she.

The Strain - "The Battle for Red Hook"The real meat of the episode, where it got really good was when The actual battle of Red Hook began. I have to say that is a fantastic name for a battle too. What was so interesting about the battle was how it built until it reached near fever pitch levels. The vampires who were smuggled into Red Hook attacked in a brief flood in which Justine wasn’t afraid to get involved with. It was just the first taste though. The police captain berated Justine for recognizing they were walking into a slaughter and her men would be killed. It was both necessary and frustrating. On one hand she was being a good leader recognizing the odds and their fate. On the other she needed the push to get her moving so she could motivate her men the best she could.

The team was split with Vasiliy and Nora going to get the power back on so they’d have UV. They managed to do it just as things reached a level where it would have been no more than a slaughter. On the other hand, Dutch finally got her ass out the sack and went to fight in the battle.

Finally, I’ll mention the new title sequence that accompanied  the show. It was a neat little artistically rendered piece. It gave the characters a moment to highlight them. It just didn’t work for me though. The usual theme music was diluted to something bland and u memorable. It was also rather long and slowly paced. It just didn’t fill me with excitement for the show to come and actually made me sad at the realization that this was time that could have been used for the episode. At least until I remembered that FX lets this show run as long as necessary and isn’t confined by tidal hour restraints.

What did you think of the episode?

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