Z Nation – “The Murphy” Season Premiere Review

Unsurprisingly we picked up right where we left off after lat season’s finale. A perfect place to start considering a bomb was being dropped on one location and a nuclear plant was going up on another. The almost entirely wordless open was rather well done. In fact, I was kind of surprised by how evocative that opening actually was. Visually it was probably the most interesting thing that ZNation has done.

Z Nation - "The Murphy"One of the most nerve wrecking things about Citizen Z and the crashed ship was the inhabitants of the downed vehicle. For the most part he was mostly safe in his bunker, but now he has to deal with all the undead on his own. Citizen Z did put out a wide call to get Murphy to the CDC at all costs. This is clearly going to be something that propels the plot at least for a while.

Addie is back and out of her cult days and reunited with Mac. It was a convenient way to get rid of the sisters. They were trouble. I’m glad not much time was wasted getting Addie back in the mix, but it felt fa to convenient that pretty much all of the sisters were killed. Except ofcourse for the one woman that Murphy knocked up. I’d suspected that she’d be having his kid. I wasn’t expecting her pregnancy to have advanced so quickly (which that baby interaction at the end was bizarre). Already people are quickly descending upon Murphy.

Murphy is just as much as a delight as always. he’s a bizarre man who beaves strangely. More importantly he’s entirely erratic. He’s outlandish and has a mouth on him. Watching him embrace his powers will be truly interesting as the season progresses. Rather than pure anger his attitude is peppered with over-confidence and amusement. Of course Murphy would use his abilities to try to force two female zombies to make out until the started eating each others faces.His power is quite amazing to the point that he has surprising control over the zoms.

Z Nation - "The Murphy"As to Murphy’s abilities, Cassandra is the first time we really see that he can change what it means to die with this disease. Cassandra hasn’t gained the deathly pallor. She has some cognitive function and she is capable of speech, but we don’t know how much of her is there. What I found interesting was that Cassandra is extremely resistant to her nature. She doesn’t believe that she is actually a zombie. There seems to be thought still going on. When she saw Murphy’s show of power with the two female zoms you got the sense that she didn’t like what she saw as it reminded her of her past. Murphy wields the zombies like toys to be used for his own defense.

Warren is still proving herself to be absolutely fantastic. She’s always received the best combat scenes and so far this is no difference. Just when Warren was ready to give up a girl needed help and unsurprisingly she came to her rescue dispatching a bunch of zombies in the process. Her heroics paid off in a satisfactory way. So often things get worse, so it was nice seeing her get something that wasn’t even the slightest bit negative.

Oh and 10k is still making great kills.

Ultimately I really enjoyed the episode. The team was reunited. A new goal was established. And there’s some interesting new material coming for Cassandra and Murphy. Also a new antagonist should be interesting to see if he remains an antagonist and or becomes an ally.

What did you think of the episode?

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