Fear The Walking Dead – “The Dog” Review

While Madison and her family are waiting for Travis’s return they pulled out the monopoly. That was an interesting little distraction even if it only lasted for a few moments. Really they had to deal with the real problem of whether they should wait for Travis or not. They want anything to get out of there.

Fear The Walking Dead- "The Dog"Travis on the other hand was in the middle of chaos. Being in the busy part of the city was no doubt a terrible idea, but now that he was reunited with all of his family. They were safe though in the barbershop, at least until the fire next door became a threat. It was rather convenient that all of the rioting and looting and anarchy on the streets Travis’s car was entirely unharmed. Unfortunately Daniel’s wife was seriously injured in the escape. Already you could see Travis and Daniel butting heads. If this is a fight of dominance, Travis may be in charge, but Daniel is the real leader. He’s practical and logical.

The merge of the families is already proving to be an issue. Almost as soon as they were mixed the tensions were high. It was clear that Daniel without evenseeing what had happened to these people he was ready to kill and take the others out. On the other hand Travis was weak. All of this went to screaming. However it was when Chris went to help Alicia when she was being attacked only to be attacked by Alicia that it was clear that these three families are not going to be living nearly as harmoniously as the group we see on the walking dead. They are fighting amongst each other over the simplest things.

Fear The Walking Dead- "The Dog"The interesting thing is that there are tensions between all of them. There are now tensions between pretty much every character. Not a single family dynamic or interacting isn’t brimming with tension. They are all running into issues. It’s something that will prove to be interesting. Seeing how they interact int he future will be one of the draws because it makes it unpredictable. The moment between Madison and Liza was really great.

I’m kind of loving the fact that Nick is the voice of reason in all of this. He is the one who’s ready to deliver the truth and not hide from it. He’s blunt and he deals it out with no sympathy, but it is something that this group needs. There are some of them ready to act with necessary, but more of them are wary.

The episode took an interesting turn when the group was leaving. It turned out that before they ever got a block away they were drawn back by their dead neighbors husband returning home. That moment as he reached for his wife was interesting. The military is coming in to occupy keeping the people in the city. They are trying to stay. However, now they are under a harsh command. It does mean they will live a bit longer. Even if Daniel doesn’t believe it.

What did you think of the episode?

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