Arrow & The Flash Trailers

We’ve got just under a month before both Arrow and The Flash return for their next seasons, but we’ve finally seen the release of their trailers. As always, the trailers give us an idea of what is to come in the first half of the season. It’s enough to whet the apetite as we dig in for the next few weeks.


There is a lot going on in this trailer. Let’s break some of it down. Oliver is living a happy domestic life with Felicity. This is an element of the show I’m looking forward to. No they are not going to remain in this pleasant domestic bliss as we can see from the trailer already. However, I am excited to see Oliver and Felicity being a couple rather than a drama-riddled will-they-won’t-they. Allowing them to be together will be a refreshing change in the series one I’ve been championing. Hopefully we don’t get any unnecessary relationship drama.

Thea is out with the team hunting down bad guys. While Laurel seems to be sinking even further into being Black Canary. Thea may have better training thanks to Malcolm, but Laurel has actual field experience. That means she’s in charge and seeing Thea excited on the back of Laurel’s bike was amusing. However, it quickly devolved as we saw that Thea may not be entirely in control. She still has this light-hearted sarcastic Thea nature, but we also saw glimpses or madness in her eyes.

This also teased some appearances of characters that will be appearing this season like Damien Dhark. From the looks of it he will be powered or at least have tech that seems to mimic powers. If it is going the powers route it is a very different step for Arrow which tended to be a bit more reality based. This has slowly changed particularly with the inclusion of the League of Assassin’s last season, but it seems it well veer that way even more. We also got a quick glimpse of John Constantine. Not only is his appearance notable, but it also validates the now canceled Constantine as part of canon within the larger DC universe.

There was also the new presence of Mr. Terrific. I’m breaking him out separately because he will be a more permenant fixture within the Arrow team as he works mainly along side Felicity. This should lend Felicity to get involved in the fight in new ways. I can almost envision an entire episode where the pair take a forefront for a more technology based episode. She was brandishing a gun after all and was seen holding his trademark orbs.

Probably the most interesting and heartbreaking element that we will see this season is the relationship between Diggle and Oliver. New costume aside, Diggle is still in a place where he can’t fully forgive Oliver. Not only did he feel like he was betrayed by Oliver, but once it was all over Oliver simply left leaving the rest of them to keep up their vigilante work. While I hope the drama between them isn’t rushed over, I also hope it doesn’t become too overdrawn like the build up to Olicity. I want the surrogate brothers back together, but I want it to feel earned.

The Flash

There’s a breach and let’s be honest it isn’t good. The last season ended off with a singluarity occuring over Central City. That wasn’t just a plot point for the final episode of season 1 and the first few episodes of season 2. The way this singularity is being positioned it is going to effect all of the second season being the driving force of the show. We see the impact partially explained by alternate Flash, Jay Garrick. Last season we saw that the show was unafraid to jump into The Flash bending time, but now we are seeing that the show is jumping into the multiverse at least partially.

This season we are going to be seeing a bunch of new characters including many speedsters. It is not clear that many of these known speedsters will be entering the show as speedsters, but there are a bunch. For one we will see the introduction of Wally West aka Kid Flash. Wally is being billed so far as main cast, but it’s still not so clear as to his role. Either way I’m excited because he is one of my favorite DC characters. However in this trailer, other than Jay Garrick, we see Patty Spivot. She’s down for taking down metahumans and will do anything to help. Whereas Iris has been far more useless in terms of stopping people, Patty seems like she’ll be more front-line aid, even if they don’t want her there.

I have to mention that the flirtation between Cisco and Lisa Snart is kind of fantastic. It is an interesting dynamic that the two have and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it even if she is very clearly in the bad guy camp.

Also I have to laugh at the fact that The Flash now has a Flash symbol flashing through the sky when they need his help, just like the bats.

Are you excited for the return of these shows?

4 thoughts on “Arrow & The Flash Trailers

  1. Loved your comparison of patty and iris. Patty Spivot has been one of my favorite parts of the New 52 Flash. So, I am very excited to see her being added to Flash, and she does not seem like the felicity clone some might have feared.

    • From the bit in the trailer, she seems like she’ll be an interesting addition. I don’t know much about her other than that at one point she became a speedster. If they go that route it could add a tension filled dynamic between the two.

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