Z Nation – “White Light” Review

Picking up immediately were we left off once again our group was chasing down Murphy. However it’s very clear that there’s all sorts of riff raff going after Murphy. There are some nasty people out there looking for him. It is like a giant manhunt with zombies for obstacles. The entire episode really focused on this town wide free-for-all. That made the events in the episode feel paranoid. Not only was on at the mercy of the zombies, but our group had to constantly fear being attacked by one of those other renegades.

Z Nation - "White Light"The interesting bit actually came when Cassandra ate a woman to protect Murphy. Despite her claims that shes not a z she sure is acting it. While she may have showed early signs that she hadn’t turned full z, she clearly is far more z than she is Cassandra any more. She doesn’t even do anything of her own free will any more. The fact that she didn’t go after 10k was a surprise in itself. She moves like a human, but she behaves like a z.

Speaking of 10k I really enjoyed that they didn’t cheap out on what happened to him. He hit the ground hard after an explosive went off beside him. If he didn’t have hearing damage it would be a glaring oversight. It did lead to some amusing moments

Z Nation - "White Light"Things got a little weird when we saw Doc nearly dying. This show is not afraid to be a bit outlandish. It isn’t worried about being ridiculous, but this was just so far out of character for Z Nation. Seeing Doc float out of his body to realize that there was a tool he could use tin his little fight felt far too convenient. It just didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad that Doc was able to find a way to win his fight, but it took away from the moment.

It was interesting to see Warren for a tenuous relationship with the man we met at the end of the last episode. We saw her spare his life, but I didn’t expect to see him come to her aid. Either way that seemed to be enough to push their willingness to work together at least somewhat. Heck, he straight up joined the team with no words said. It’ll be interesting to see how he meshes with our established group.

It was rough seeing Mack go like that. Addy just couldn’t get to him in time, only to see his final moments and his turn. It was a rough moment. However, the fact that she was able to give Mack mercy was a big moment for her character. After all her troubles that we went through last season, her being able to do that was a big deal. That said, I’m sure this is going to leave a scar on her. Her outburst on Murphy was only the start.

The biggest downside to this episode was that it lacked the fun that this episode is all about. Since everyone was so focused on surviving and largely separated we just didn’t get the joy this show usually brings. There were a couple of good moments like 10k yelling and Murphy jumping off a building. However it just felt very light. Instead it almost felt like any old zombie fare. The humor was sorely missed.

What did you think of the episode?

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