Fear the Walking Dead – “Not Fade Away” Review

Fast forward nine days. In some ways a normal life has been restored at least that is what we are supposed to assume with Travis running like there aren’t walkers everywhere. Chris is able to just relax on the roof an monologue about the new martial law status quo. However it was Chris looking out there that made it clear the someone was out there signaling for help.

Fear The Walking Dead - "Not Fade Away"I got seriously pissed when Madison got pissed about Liza not being around to look after Madison’s son. That cooking and cleaning was such a hassle. As if she’d rather kick out the Salazars because they don’t know them. It was truly petty and I didn’t enjoy that. She seems annoyed that things are different.

It was interesting seeing that there were so many people who were in the safe zone. It is a true large zone with what looks to be at least a thousand people. It seems to be running smoothly, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t little tensions. It’s clear that there is a lot of mistrust between the people and the military, but there is a reliance on the military.

Nick is extremely honest. I want to like him, but when he does things like stealing an IV drip to stick in his foot, I want to punch him. All he cares about is getting his drugs. I don’t like seeing him trying to play things suave to cover his tracks. I was so glad when Madison upon stumbling onto his lies slapped the crap out of him.

One small note. I find it strange that between Madison and Travis they are more willing to believe far fetched ideas from the others kids than their own. It is seriously trusting now that Madison believes Chris and is willing to look into it while Travis brushes it off. It doesn’t even seem like something Travis would do. Time and time again he’s been shown as the one more willing to believe and kind the positive of a situation. Now he’s just brushing it off.

I had been under the assumption that Liza was a nurse who wanted to go to school to become a doctor. Turns out she wasn’t even that. When a real doctor emerged she was outed. However things got interesting when the real doctor asked to keep the charade going.

Fear The Walking Dead - "Not Fade Away"Now I know Madison was clearly concerned with the fact someone was alive out there. The problem is that Madison sneaked out of the safe zone with no weapon. she sneaked out with no precedent that she could ever get back in on a whim. She went into dangerous territory. This is the same woman who made sure that her daughter didn’t go help a neighbor she knew when they were being attacked. Yet here she is leaving the safety of her community to help an stranger she doesn’t even know is safe. It just doesn’t mesh with the practical character we’ve seen so far. Sure she got back in no trouble, but venturing out at all was an unnecessary risk.

The story Daniel told about people not coming back when they were supposed to was both harrowing and fitting. It was a nice touch I only wish all the moments in the episode were as strong. It was also interesting that while he’s leaving to be with his wife he wants to make sure Madison takes care of Ofelia. We even got confirmation that the military

That didn’t end up being the situation. The military swooped in and took not only Griselda, but also Nick. Worst of all the military didn’t allow a family member to come back. Then Liza went off to the hospital swayed by this new doctor friend. She’s not really a trustworthy friend though. Then again she’s probably better running the confronting the wrath of her ex-husband’s new main squeeze’s wrath for getting Nick shipped off.

What did you think of the episode?

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