The Strain – “Dead End” Review

It has been a while since we really got a chance to catch up with Gus. Aside from Vasiliy he is probably my favorite character and I thoroughly enjoy seeing more of him whenever possible. Unfortunately he just hasn’t been given much to do. In fact, the show has been so focused on a couple of characters that it’s been favoring weak stories with them over stronger ones with the extended cast. I understand that Gus is not part of the main group and giving him times means taking away time from others. That doesn’t mean that strong and or potential strong characters should be ignored.

The Strain - "Dead End"I did find it interesting that as soon as Anya’s family was safe, Angel hoped out to help Gus. He’s not comfortable just escaping to safety. Instead he wants very much to help and do what he can to stop what is going on. He may have a limp, but it’s very clear that he’s not ready to just step aside. With so few truly in the know willing to fight, it’s good to see another join up with Gus and the group of intense vampire hunters.

It was interesting that the man who had the Occido Lumen was someone that Satrakian knew. It didn’t help Setrakian that he constantly talked down to the man. Even i could tell that Setrakian’s abrasive nature was not going to win over the man who already didn’t much like him. It did very much fit his character.

The Strain - "Dead End"This week we still got flashbacks, but we didn’t really need it. Instead we saw how a hapless Eichorst was wooed by Nazis. The girl he liked though couldn’t see it. It was interesting to see how much of a sheep Eichorst was. It took very little to sway him. It took even less to make him see the distorted world view presented by the Nazi party. It was nice to see that he was a very different person in the past, but it in so many ways he was very much the same. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly translate very well to what was going on in the present. For real though, even with him in a largely bricked off building the team managed to let Eichorst get away again. It is even more clear now that he is a weak man who just wants power. I’m not sure I needed to hate Eichorst more because my hatred for him was already high, but I certainly do now.

The present in fact greatly tied him to Dutch who was his captive. He was doing some pretty sick things to Dutch. However, I really enjoyed that she wasn’t just going to let this happen. She fought back and eventually fought her way out. There was an eerieness to how he came after her so calmly, but she was despaerately searching for a way out. The Mayfield however was filled bricked off passages. So while I commend her efforts it was also tragic that she was cornered. It was great seeing her never stop fighting.

What did you think of the episode?

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