Minority Report – “Pilot” Series Premiere Review

Minority report isn’t a rehash of what we got in the movie. it isn’t taking another path and spinning it. Minority Report is picking up years after precrime has been abolished and is following Dash one of the former precogs. Dash on one hand is eager to help out in any way possible. I wish the show didn’t rely so heavily on a person’s knowledge of Minority Report going in to this show. Yes, it is well explained throughout the episode letting a person unfamiliar with the film understand.

Minority Report - "Pilot"The biggest problem that I had with the issue was that it was never enough. It would start to go down a good road and then it would waver. When there was an intense moment, it would feel like it was missing something. When there was tension between Vega and Blake, it backed away just before it was palpable. There was an action sequence in which Vega was in pursuit, but it felt like it was happening in slow motion and there was no danger.

One of the things that I really enjoyed was Stark Sands as Dash. He was awkward, but determined and it was hard not to like him. He’s incredibly likable as you feel empathy oozing off him. Surprisingly Vega’s eagerness and ability to reel in Dash was effective. Dash isn’t completely useless either, but was actually quite capable. I also enjoyed that she was depicted as highly intelligent able to piece together crimes. Yes, their relationship has a way to go. However, almost from the moment they were first together there was a sense of chemistry between the two. On a show like this it can live and die based on that relationship. The only hope is that their dynamic will only get better because right now it is on a great path.

I didn’t even mention Arthur his is so unbelievably smarmy that it’s a shame we only see him for a few minutes. I’m looking forward to what he brings to the group. More importantly I’m interested in seeing how he messes with the dynamic between Dash and Vega. Especially since Agatha seems to also be in on what’s going on.

Minority Report - "Pilot"I have to give it to the show because it highlighted a lot of awesome tech. Obviously this show is set in the future and that means it’s bound to show case a few call things. Minority Report didn’t hold back delivering all sorts of fun tech moments. Most notably it had the wonderful swipy screens that the movie was known for. This was probably my favorite element of the show. Unfortunately, that truly isn’t enough to make me fall in love with a show. In fact after this first episode, I’m hesitant to even claim that this show has potential. If it was willing to go more boldly forward rather than tread water it would have been better. The show ticked the boxed off, but It just never felt like it was enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I honestly believe that at least some of these problems I have are the result of a clunky pilot. What this episode does well is establish the possibilities. There are places this show can do if it can work out the tension problem.

What did you think of the episode?

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