Scream Queens – “Pilot” & “Hell Week” Series Premiere Review

I broke down each episode’s separately. Jump down for the review of the second episode in the two hour premiere.


The show spent a large portion of the first episode setting up both the characters and the situation. This is a show that is filled with over the top characters. Almost every single character was given a number of character building elements. There are a bunch of pretty vile characters, but it was Chanel who really took the cake. She was absolutely obnoxious and terrible in the best way possible. She had no filter and she is nothing but mean. She is a person obsessed with power and more importantly being the queen bitch.

Scream Queens - "Pilot"The big problem is that while we are introduced to all these characters and they all get a few stereotypical trains, the  only characters who are fleshed out are Grace and Chanel. Everyone else is lumped into just a few specific traits. They are pushed to the background and as a result it develops a very strong dichotomy. Thankfully as the episode progressed we did get more and more from the others, but it still didn’t much evolve their characters. Instead it just built up their straits.

The humor was particularly on point. One of the funniest scenes in the episode happened to be when Chanel went to talk to her boy toy, Chad. Nick Jonas as Boone really worked as he jumped in to talk for Chad. The fact that he kept talking about how he could date garbage people because it would hurt his popularity. Also Munsch’ monologue as she went on about how pathetic it was to be sleeping with him, followed by proclamations of love was funny. In fact, everything about him was just entirely messed up because not only does he have mommy issues, but also gets off to dead bodies. What is really working for me with the humor is a mix of two things: on one hand you have things that are just so over the top ridiculous that they are funny, then on the other hand you have all the

Scream Queens - "Pilot"The ridiculousness of Chanel 2’s death scene with the Red Devil was obnoxious. Half of the scene was between the two of them texting in front of each other. The fact that she took the time to say wait what when he said he was going to kill her was so ridiculous. (I really need to find another word for ridiculous.) Things got worse when the first blow didn’t actually take her out, but rather than running she went to facebook to post a status. It’s making an interesting statement and it worked.

The horror elements were done with a sense of camp that worked. Add in the fact that Red Devil seems to go about his kills not with intimidation, but amusement. He’s practically giddy when he kills.

Hell Week

The fact that Hester knew how to destroy the body was disturbing. Well, that’s not just it. She also seems to have a weird obsession with the girls. There were some other weird things that came out of her mouth that would freak anyone else out. Honestly, Hester only got creepier as the episode went on.

Scream Queens - "Hell Week"The uneasy friendship and alliance that Grace has formed with Pete is rather amusing. She’s out to take down Kappa Kappa Tau so she can revolutionize it. While you learned in the pilot that she’s doing this to be closer to her mom, it seems like a bit much. What she’s mixing herself up in just to be part of the same organization is a bit much. Not only that, but she’s joining an organization she doesn’t seem to even remotely like. This is all ignoring the fact that Pete is kind of creepy. Yes, he says he’s an investigative reporter, but let’s look at the strikes against him. He’s technically a sexual offender. He’s been found creeping outside the Kappa Kappa Tau house. And also he keeps giving weird looks.

It seems tat the opener of the show set in the 90s will continue to play a role in the arc of the season. In the pilot we saw the girl give a surprise birth and then die. This episode we saw the tub that the woman died it. More importantly we saw that Mrs. B was around back then and far more aggressive. Not only her, but also Munsch was there for the cleanup. we don’t exactly know what was done to cover up the whole mess, but it’s interesting to see that there seemed to be a lot of people in on this death. We haven’t even found out what actually happened at this point either.

Chad gets creepier and creepier every episode. The fact that he stated imagining Chanel dead because she “put it in his head” further establishes how ridiculous he is. Chad is all sorts of bizarre and it’s so funny to watch because he takes himself so seriously. With Chad comes Boone. The reveal that Boone was gay and the discussion about whether Boone would touch Chad’s wiener was so silly.

Scream Queens - "Hell Week"Chanel is still up to it. She is still completely obnoxious and terrible. However she is clearly a step above the others. When an opportunity came to Chanel to accept Boone into the sorority as the first gay member she realized how she could benefit. It is this kind of thinking that makes me like her more. Not that she’ll get to benefit from it since he was “killed”.

I cracked up when Denise Hempfield called out the girls for being stupid to go after the killer. It is some sort of backwards thinking that they would go toward the killer. Niecy Nash actually kept me laughing for that few minute stretch. Not only did she call the girls out, but her reaction to what she stumbled upon right after was too much. It felt like a genuine reaction that actually made sense, but amid everything else crazy in this episode it made it even funnier.

What did you think of the episode?

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